23rd of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

23 by ChrisJoin us for Grateful MayWhat are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments & on the blogs appearing here every day.

Satya writes: Today I am grateful for… the conversation I had with the woman who checked out my groceries, which left us both happier.

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23 by Chris, with gratitude

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14 thoughts on “23rd of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

  1. Sue Kelly

    Today I am grateful for my sister. We may not always see eye to eye, nor see or talk to each other often, but when we do, our shared experiences always shine through, good or bad. I am always amazed at how similar we are yet so different

  2. Linda Visman

    I am really grateful that I could attend these first two days of the Sydney Writers Festival! Fantastic sessions, stimulating speakers and writers, and a new commitment to my writing. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Burns

    My beautiful sweet daughter, Charlotte Willow, graduated from our local college with highest honors last night…. proud mother moment…thank you

  4. Angela

    Today I am grateful for the medical care my dear friend received that enabled her to beat leukaemia so that we can continue to spend time together.

  5. wallace diskin

    I am grateful for having the grace and mindfullness to not burn a bridge today, but blessed with the advent of an email from a friend of 40 years or more – who wished me a Happy Memorial Day – and always ends her notes with “be happy and love yourself” Today I was more than grateful for that reminder.
    She also said she was writing again, and for her writing group an ‘epic’ period in her life. I cannot say how grateful I was to hear and read that, both for her and me to have that encouragement to go back to my writing.

  6. Paul L. White

    I am grateful for the smells of a freshly mown lawn, flowers, or a spring rain having just passed through–Mother Nature at her most aromatic!

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