24th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

24 by Darkroom DaveJoin us for Grateful MayWhat are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments & on the blogs appearing here every day.

Kaspa writes: Today I am grateful for friends who stay, even after difficult conversations…

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24 by Darkroom Dave, with gratitude

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17 thoughts on “24th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

  1. Angela

    I am grateful for the energy and desire to sift and sort and generally rationalise the amount of ‘stuff’ I have around me.

  2. Susan

    I am grateful to have a car and to be able to pay the whopping repair bill I got today. I am so fortunate that I have this freedom to go where I like, and to remember those that don’t.

  3. Pamela Niles

    This weekend the small town I live in is holding its annual Azalea Festival. Throughout our country, similar events are happening on this Memorial Day weekend which also marks another cause for celebration, the unofficial start of summer. I think of the areas of our world that are currently in turmoil, and feel tremendous gratitude that I was born and live in this country where we can always–and rather easily–put aside our differences and disagreements; that we then can join together in celebration of occasions and events, and even life itself, which includes honoring those who gave their lives in wars during the times we were incapable of putting aside those differences and disagreements. May the time come when lasting peace, and personal freedoms for all, is a reality everywhere upon our small precious Earth.

  4. Paul L. White

    I am thankful for this Memorial Day weekend, with its opportunity to remember those who gave their lives to protect freedoms, and for the chance to do things that need doing with limited interruption.

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