28th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

28 by szczelJoin us for Grateful MayWhat are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments & on the blogs appearing here every day.

Kaspa writes: Today I am grateful for my younger brother, who still seems to like me, despite having to share a room with me when I was a teenager….

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28 by szczel, with gratitude

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21 thoughts on “28th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

  1. Sue Kelly

    Today I am grateful for a refreshing yet not long nights sleep, leaving me with the energy for a new day xxx

  2. Claire Maycock

    Just spent a lovely half hour catching up on a week’s worth of gratitudes and posting my own. I love this practice so a big thank you to Fiona and Kaspa for holding the space.

    Today I am grateful for my study up under the eaves, and for the radiator that keeps it warm.

  3. francesca

    I had forgotten to post here, but I haven’t forgotten to be grateful! Perhaps today I should be grateful that I’ve been involved in life and not had time to use the internet as much as I used to do. And grateful for the opportunity to reflect on this.

  4. Dena

    I am grateful that I’m still in touch with a good friend from high school who now lives in Japan–and grateful that modern technology makes keeping in touch so easy!

  5. Pamela Niles

    Today I am feeling gratitude for the written word in all its forms: books, magazines, computer & internet, and for those who write them, be they famous authors, poets or journalists, or the friends gathered here on Facebook and elsewhere on this marvelous internet. I am also thankful for the ever present blank page that gives itself to me. May I also be true to this gift.

  6. Paul L. White

    I am thankful for the opportunity to live stress free this week as to time demands, and to relax in front of the television for several hours, enjoying a law-related show or an old movie.

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