FREE COURSE: 30 days of nembutsu

Meditating Buddha by Pexels“Nembutsu is a refuge, nembutsu is a comfort, nembutsu is grace, nembutsu is an inspiration, nembutsu is freedom, nembutsu is joy, nembutsu is life and happiness!” ~ Vajrapala

Are you in need of refuge, comfort, grace, inspiration, freedom or joy? Do you have five minutes to spare a day? Are you ready to let some light into your life? We’re launching our brand new course, 30 days of nembutsu, on the 1st of November.

The course is free and is designed to support you in setting up a regular nembutsu practice. It includes an introductory essay and 30 daily inspirational emails. Sign up now by sending an email to Kaspa & Satya at with the title ’30 days’.

Nembutsu literally means ‘mindfulness of the Buddha’ and it involves connecting with something wholesome by reciting the name of Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. It is a commonplace practise for Buddhists in the East but less known (for now!) by Western Buddhists. It is simple to do, it doesn’t require much time (this course suggests five minutes of practice a day), and it is accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re Buddhist or not – it’s a practice that’s open to everyone.

If you can’t wait to begin, you can download the introductory essay here: 30 days of nembutsu PDF and get a head start.

We’re looking forward to practising nembutsu with you all during November.