30th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

30Only one more day left of Grateful MayWhat are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments & on the blogs appearing here every day.

Kaspa writes: Today I am grateful for… 

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30 by Julia Webb, with gratitude

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9 thoughts on “30th of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

  1. Sue Kelly

    I am grateful for all the gifts and talents that I have been allowed to develop and share. Whether it be cooking, knitting, tai chi, talking or a smile, I enjoy sharing and seeing the joy people get when they are on the receiving end.

    I am truly blessed

  2. Pam O'Brien

    After quite a serious accident happened to a young boy nearby, I’m grateful that after the practical stuff was done, Satya and Kaspa and our small powerful group held the space and chanted. So good to be a part of it. Thank you 🙂

  3. Franci Louann

    I’m glad (slightly) that Joe & I won at bocce (slightly). It was a wonderful close game with Janene & Chicago, in the fine park across the street.

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