31 Days

peacock by MrClean198231 Days is a good place to start if you haven’t worked with us before. Our 31 Days offerings are designed to support you and motivate you through a month of exploration, resulting in new insights, new ways of being and more liveliness, compassion & joy!

Thirty one daily emails (starting the day after you register) – each containing a beautiful image, some original text from Satya or Kaspa and inspirational quotes or pieces of creative writing.

An original essay about the theme written by Kaspa or Satya and not available elsewhere. Often including food for thought, suggestions, and questions for you to ask yourself about your own experiences.

Suggested daily exercises to accompany you during your 31 days of exploration.

A guide to writing small stones (or other appropriate instructions) including an introduction to the concept of mindful writing and hints and tips to write better small stones.

Choose from our offerings below.

Wheat field by Kevin Lallier


31 Days of Waking Up: Each email contains a daily mindful writing suggestion, a quote and a small stone. Read more & register here.





31 Days of Gratitude: Thirty one emails & an essay about gratitude & daily gratitude practices to bring thanks into your life as a continued joyful presence. Read more & register here.




Mindful Writing Booster: Thirty one emails, an essay about mindful writing & an essay about small stones to get you into the habit of a daily mindful writing practice. Read more & register here.




31 Days of Positive Action: Thirty one daily emails and an essay about getting things done. Move yourself and your projects forward with encouragement and advice on taking action. Find out more & register here.




31 Days of Joy: Bring more joy into your life. 31 emails, and essay and daily practices to help you find and experience joyful moments. Find out more and register here.



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Peacock by MrClean1982
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Pebble Macro by Martin Howard
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