31 Days of Joy

Summer sidewalk by Pink Sherbet Photography

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The joy of joy is that when we make a regular effort to look for it, it will appear and it will multiply… 

“There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Joy is all around us, waiting for us to allow it in. We can find joy in the yawning noises our old cat makes when he’s just waking up, or in watching a bright pink shirt swaying on the washing line. Boring or routine tasks become lighter and more fun when we are able to slow down and enjoy them. We can even find shining moments of pleasure-in-being-alive in the depths of dark despair. Are you ready to experience more joy in your everyday life?

“Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment – a little makes the way of the best happiness.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

tulips by Mukumbura

Spend the next month discovering these softest and lightest frissons… the ones that will make all the difference to your life. Receive:

Thirty one daily emails each containing a joyful image, some original advice or words of encouragement from Satya, & an inspirational quote.

An essay about joy including why joy makes us vulnerable and how we can peel back the layers getting between us and joy.

Four daily joy practices so you can do something practical every day that will encourage joy to visit you.

A guide to writing small stones including an introduction to the concept of mindful writing and hints and tips to write better small stones. Buy now.

Pink cherry summer love“What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” ~ Colette

Maybe you’ve been having a tough time recently, and you’re ready to receive what the world has to offer again. Maybe you already pride yourself as being a happy person, and this offering will be the sparkling icing on your  cake. Maybe you have a particular block when it comes to letting go into happiness.

Wherever you are, give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of joy over the next thirty one days. Enjoy!  ~Satya
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Images: Rainbow & cherries by Pink Sherbet Photography, Tulips by Nukumbura.