31 Days of Positive Action

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Half price until our final closing down on 30th of September 2018 (new price below).

Thirty one emails and an essay on getting things done.

You will be supported to make progress on your most important project. You will be challenged to set goals and examine how you work, and you will be propelled you into achieving positive action. 

“The first step in changing reality is to recognise it as it is now. There is no need to wish it were otherwise. It simply is. Pleasant or not, it simply is. Then comes behaviour that acts on the present reality.” ~David K Reynolds 

31 Days of Positive action is for anyone who needs a little extra help to get on with their most important projects. Are you struggling to start? Or to keep going? Are you sure the work you are doing is the work you should be doing?

Based on the philosophy of the successful coaching package The Way of Getting Things Done, 31 Days of Positive Action encourages you to see reality as it is and to take action from there. It draws on the psychology of Shoma Morita as well as Western models of coaching and taking action.

It is action that makes the difference between success and failure.

You will receive an initial essay encouraging you to think about what your goals are and how you set them, as well as outlining some of the fundamental ideas of getting things done.

Your 31 emails include a daily nudge to action as well as inspirational quotes, and reflections on the best way to take positive action. We will take into account ordinary human nature, and begin from there.

What goals make sense to you? How can you get there? As well as being encouraged to act, you will be invited to reflect on how you work, and how you work best.

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