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I just completed your 31 days of Writing Our Way Home. I LOVED it. It opened my eyes to seeing things newly and pushed me to get started writing in an entirely new way….This is a victory! ~ Carla Reeves

A small stone is a short  piece of mindful writing. To write a small stone we simply pause, open our senses & record what we see, hear, taste, smell or touch. Just like Kirsten did when she popped this sweet in her mouth…

frosty lemon drop
cracking like ice
in my mouth
~ Kirsten Nørgaard

Writing small stones means that we pay attention to at least one thing every day, and it brings us into a closer relationship with the world around us, in all its beauty & complexity. Read what other people have said about writing small stones here.

The two year old child carefully picks up each bead he spilt in his sister’s room; the blue ones first. ~ Ruth Stacey

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In the wood
lichen covered trees
like hairy old men
who have forgotten to shave
~ Mavis Gulliver

seven storey by pascalYou don’t have to be a writer to write small stones. The process of finding them is more important than the finished product. Searching for them will encourage you to keep your eyes (and ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind) open. Your short written piece (and learning to enjoy writing & the deliciousness of words) is simply a happy by-product of this process.

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Images: Pebble Macro by Martin Howard, Seven Storey by Pascal.