31st of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

31Our very last day of Grateful MayWhat are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments & on the blogs appearing here every day.

Satya writes: Today I am grateful for… every single person in my life – the ones who have taught me, the ones who support me, the ones who challenge me! That includes you. Well done for getting to the end. Now – Grateful June?!!

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31 by Hannah Aviva, with gratitude

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21 thoughts on “31st of Grateful May – post your gratitudes here

  1. Ruth Kozak

    As I celebrate a momentus birthday I’m grateful for my good health and energy. And I’m grateful that after so many years of dreaming and writing and determination my historical fiction novel SHADOW OF THE LION will be published this August (first of two parts!). I always dreamed of this success and I am so grateful that it is happening at last!

  2. Pam O'Brien

    I’m grateful for the gentle reminder of the power of gratitude and its importance to me

  3. francesca

    On this last day of May I am mostly grateful to you Satya and you Kaspa for reminding me of how much I have to be thankful for. Despite the wretched cough and cold – perhaps because of! Thank you xxx

  4. Sue Kelly

    So mush to be grateful for. I have enjoyed this month immensely

    But today I am grateful for my daughter’s sense of humour. She can make joy appear even when dark clouds are around. Thank you for choosing us as parents xxxxx

  5. Dena

    The last day of Grateful May! I’m grateful that after two knee surgeries, I can walk miles again and was even able to hike uneven ground last week (although hanging onto my son occasionally). I’m grateful for a son who still takes walks with his mom, who has a great circle of friends (the “Honor Guard”) and who will be a wonderful teacher. I’m grateful for my own friends, and for long-lost siblings and their families who are now part my life. I’m grateful for life and waking up this morning! Last but not least, I’m grateful for Grateful May! Thanks, Satya!

  6. Angela

    Today Im grateful to have experienced this past week’s retreat in south wales, to have returned home invigorated and shaken up and to be alive and able to keep practising the dharma. And grateful to you Satya for this opportunity to focus the mind all month on what there is to be grateful for. It has been salutary, thank you 🙂

  7. Pamela Niles

    My last gratitude for this month is dedicated to the person who is never last in my life… my husband, Stephen. I am grateful for the serendipity that brought us together; it could so easily not have happened. I’m also grateful for the commitment to love that has kept us together these many years, through a variety of situations, problems and challenges in addition to the many exciting and breezy times. In a few days we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years, during which we’ve come to appreciate that never should one day be taken for granted. I am thankful to have married a person who always finds the humor in situations, even during times when none is evident (my dear Mr. Joke-a-Minute). Stephen is never boring, and intellectually he is always challenging while endeavoring to be challenged, both physically and mentally. But most of all, I am thankful for his great heart, a part he himself has remained true to in setting his personal priorities, and for the spontaneous and sincere generosity that accompanies that big heart, shared with most everyone he knows. It’s true he’s not perfect, nor am I, but together we’ve hammered out a nearly perfect marriage, and what might be more gratifying than that?

  8. Satya Robyn

    Thank you all – so pleased you came along for the ride. Now, a month of gratitudes in June!!

  9. Claire Maycock

    Just popping back to offer my final gratitude – which is to the hosts of this wonderful community! Grateful May will indeed be carrying on as I now list three gratitudes in my journal each and every day. Thank you Kaspa and Satya. x

  10. bandar judi

    I am grateful for the opportunity to be reminded for an entire month long on the need to count our blessings. Thank you, Satya Robyn.

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