at adrian's birthdayWelcome! We want to help you slow down & fall in love with the world through mindful writing. Do have a cup of tea & make yourself at home.

We offer 31 Day email packagesself-study mindful writing e-courses and creative boosts, and we’re the inventor of small stones, a simple mindful writing tool.

31 Days are a series of daily inspirational emails and an original essay, including exercises for the month. They will take you on an adventure. You can start these at any time.

Our e-courses are self-study month-long adventures using mindful writing to help you investigate getting things done, well-being, spirituality & more. You can also start these at any time.

Kaspa and Satya Birmingham library

Creative boosts (and creative boost packages) are based around 1:1 Skype or phone sessions with Satya or Kaspa. They are for people who are serious about moving themselves (or their businesses) forwards, or starting or completing a creative project.

We encourage people to engage with the world through writing small stones with a Mindful Writing Challenge every January & a Mindful Writing Day on the 1st of November.

Sometimes we do other projects for fun, like the upcoming Grateful May.

If you feel grateful for anything we’ve offered, you can help us out telling your friends about what we do. Thank you _/\_

Writing Our Way Home is run by husband and wife team Kaspalita and Satya Robyn.

Satya Robyn is a published novelist, psychotherapist & creativity coach, and is very fond of earl grey and home-made (vegan) cake. Follow her on Twitter: @satyarobyn or email satya@writingourwayhome.com.

Kaspalita is a Buddhist priest, creativity coach, writer & therapist, and is still learning to play the ukulele. Say hello on Facebook & follow him on Twitter: @kaspalita or email kaspa@writingourwayhome.com.

Their cats Fatty, Tsuki & Roshi would also like a mention. Meow.


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