Awake August 2016

2016 badgeWake up and become more mindful this August

Write a small stone everyday – forget your worries, deeply connect with the world around you, and produce beautiful writing 

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mason bees
from the gaps in the stone wall
to the snowcap daisies, cornflowers and the heart of the blood red poppy

This August join people all over the world as they write a few words, a short poem, or a few prose sentences about what they find in the world.

Make the pledge to write a small stone everyday this August

Wildflower by Mike Keeling

Wildflower by Mike Keeling

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Mallow scabious, the artist’s purple sunrose, and thistle pink lavender flowers. The sunflowers are just leaves and stem.

small stones are our core mindful writing tool, and they have helped thousands of people all around the world to slow down and find some space in their busy or complicated lives. The concept is deceptively simple – notice one thing properly every day and write it down – but writing a daily small stone can drastically change your perspective, especially if you’ve lost your way.

Midnight blue, navy blue, Egyptian blue sky pouring through bone white, snow white, leafless branches. The snow is a cloud on the ground, pierced by shadow green gorse.

As we reach out into the world, and pay attention to what’s there, worries and frenetic thoughts begin to drop away, and in really connecting with the world, our writing becomes more beautiful.

I’m reconnecting with writing small stones, and connecting more deeply with the world. Join me.

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