Borrowing a dog’s happiness (post your small stone here)

a pick-up truck drives past – in the back a circling whir of black & white collie, gleefully chasing his tail

Satya writes: That’s my small stone for today. It’s nothing fancy – just a description of something I witnessed ten minutes ago. I observed it, and then I wrote it down.

It meant that I paid extra attention to this blur of energy. For a moment I borrowed some of the dog’s tail-wagging happiness.

I’d like to invite you to do the same over the next 24 hours, especially if you haven’t done it before, and leave your small stone in the comments section.

You might describe the smell of your cup of coffee or the way your Christmas lights are reflecting off the pool of your window. You might record a snippet of overheard conversation. You might describe the noise your stomach is making.

If you enjoy this sliver of paying attention & mindful writing, then you might want to join our January challenge starting on Tuesday. One small stone every day during the month. It’s free to join in and you can post your small stones on your own blog, on Facebook, on our blog here during the month (we’ll make a post for you every day) or simply write them down in a special notebook.

There’s an optional Booster for £10/$16 with an e-book and a daily email to keep you going – if you’d like your emails to start on Tuesday then do sign up by the end of today. You can invite your friends to join you using our Facebook invite or by sending them this link.

I suggest we move through January as Levertov’s dog does – intently haphazard – every step an arrival. I look forward to reading your small stones today.


‘meet moss the dog & his red ball’ by Adam Foster

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73 thoughts on “Borrowing a dog’s happiness (post your small stone here)

  1. Mimi Foxmorton

    “Pine needles from my humble Yule bough drop demurely in the glittering snow gifting me with a ladyslipper pattern of heart’s desire.”

    Collage Pirate

  2. Fi

    Washing machine rumbles. My tummy peers over my belt. A box of ripped wrapping paper waits for a trip to the dump. Christmas is over.

  3. Jeannie

    Each breath long sweep of the fan over my December-heated flesh is a benediction; each heartbeat turn away a prickled curse.

  4. deb winans

    Early morning sunlight filtered through pied beauty of summer’s spent red and gold leaves still moist with diamonds of dew

  5. Peter Newton

    I like what you say, “every step an arrival” I will remember that today and try to each day. Thank you.

  6. RB67

    Lying in bed, feeling the comfort of pillows and blankets around me, the morning sunlight bursting through the shades, hearing my family in the next room, knowing everything is as it should be.

  7. Gina Rugito Anderson

    I sniffle my cold runny nose as I grasp the large mug firmly with both chilly hands. As I lift the latte to my lips, steam rises to meet my face and I notice the foam clinging to the inside of the container. The warmth from this delightful beverage radiates through the mug to my cold fingers and hands…I grasp the mug more firmly and hold it against my chest..and I close my eyes.

  8. Sue

    The grey sky is streaked with blue. The sea-pies forage for shellfish in the shallows of the receding tide.

  9. helen hutchinson

    Wind and rain have sucked another scoop of sandstone from the red wall. Good fortune for the wall mender, who dreams of dry skies and April sun on his strong hands.

  10. mimsy

    It is 2.15 pm.
    The clock strikes 10
    and outside my window a small boy minutely examines a wet leaf.
    His mother waits patiently in the rain with the dog

  11. Michelle

    A line of magpies on a rooftop opposite my window lift off and blow away, one after another,like scraps of newspaper on the wind…layers of white and grey clouds, scudding across a aurprising blue heaven. I remember my need, my prayer. To live in the present moment…

  12. Karen

    Gandhi, my orange tiger cat, is lying beside me on the couch with one arm draped over his face to shield his eyes from the sunlight pouring in the windows, enjoying a nap on this peaceful Sunday morning.

  13. weaversjournal

    The allotment is a mess of wind blown plastic weedblock and muddy puddles, but tall green white leeks and hidden swelling sprouts are waiting to be picked, and small pink rhubarb shoots hint of sweetness to come. 

  14. Rosalind

    I sweep damp emerald moss from old winter tarmac. I drop the clumps in the chicken run. They find tiny seeds and insects within the green and swallow them hungrily.

  15. Anonymous

    Trainers and leggings covered in mud, muscles aching – my return to running leaves me feeling like a dog with two tails.

  16. Joanna Paterson

    Thank you for the invitation. This is a moment from my morning:

    Cardigan sleeves are damp from washing up.

    Pausing, through the window.

    A brilliant flash of black and red: woodpecker at the suet.

    He stares, fierce, for a moment, then in a blink is gone, startled by the act of my seeing.

  17. ewk

    Shifting shadows as the wind blows. The bright sun shining through the sheer curtain. It sounds cold. It looks warm.

  18. Jade

    The sermon reveals
    glimpses and bands of light:
    on the church window,
    a pointed line of icicles
    becomes a curve
    smooth like the belly
    of God

  19. tess joseph

    serrations of the sky
    like sea waves
    lapping storms of
    petrol greys blue
    breaches turquoise
    to jump cloud waves

  20. Annie

    The rain woke me,
    A swish of sound, rising in crescendo from a distant drumming
    To a persistent percussion.

  21. merlin

    lights smearing blue,red, yellow and green across the ceiling in the early dawn with only the angel casting a shadow

  22. Unknown

    I have sleep only few hours last night. My kids are laughing and playing. They seem move so quickly or maybe i’m in a slowly state.

  23. Barb

    Thanks for these stones – they remind me to be still and observe closely.

    sap and blood slow
    constricted by cold
    pale sunlight shivers on the snow

  24. Jen

    The sidewalks are cracked and broken, victims of the mighty live oaks’ silent protest of our continual encroachment, reminding us we cannot contain them and they will remain long after we are gone.

  25. Denise Homer

    A foil pan of Red and Green Italian Peppers
    Looking like a Christmas decoration on the floor
    At the foot of the stairs
    As I climb one step at a time up to the zendo
    I wonder: Is this a Zen test?

  26. Anonymous

    I sit, exhausted, at the foot of my bed.
    Not sleeping.
    After 3am.
    A yawn and I shiver, slivers of ice run in rivulets down my arms and gooseflesh appears. Perhaps I should turn in.

  27. Cathi Christmus

    Drifts of clouds like snow bank the sky; red gives way to gold. What does this portend as I begin to navigate my day?

  28. Dana Knighten

    A scrim of snow tops the autumn deadfall. Already the warmth of the earth, pocketed deep in the leaves, melts it to a tatted web.

  29. Dana Knighten

    A scrim of snow tops the autumn deadfall. Already the warmth of the earth, pocketed deep in the leaves, melts it to a tatted web.

  30. CLP

    Anticipation builds inside: cold fingers, damp palms and a swirl of excitement in my belly as the New Year approaches. Thoughts of a sweet kiss to ring in the new, the hope of a new love, the first steps of this new part of my life’s journey.

  31. Delaina

    New Snow

    Standing on an island of dry air snow draws
    an oxbow around our city until….

    In a fluffy parade one flake
    follows another.

    Under white confetti
    winter’s grass disappears.

    Trees don white mittens
    their limbs heavy with snowballed ends.

    In the flurry 2012 will fade
    as 2013 rushes in.

    The once old will be made new
    changes begin under the white quilt.

  32. bob

    The cat ambles in front of my keyboard, nothing noticeably wrong, just a meow of discontent. I know how he feels.

  33. Annie

    Little tree, shone so brightly for the past few weeks,
    Shines this morning with a different light,
    Bathed in sunshine, such an infrequent visitor of late,
    Your fairy lights pale before the might
    Of the celestial fire.

  34. Ellen Knight


    The storm long-gone, the abandoned snow belongs
    only to the wind. Whirling, stretching, bending,
    a living thing. Some laid bare, others concealed.
    Presto Change-o. Magic


  35. Ellen Knight


    The storm long-gone, the abandoned snow
    belongs only to the wind. Whirling, stretching, bending,
    a living thing. Some laid bare, others concealed.
    Presto Change-o. Magic.

  36. Ellen Knight


    The storm long-gone, the abandoned snow
    belongs only to the wind. Whirling, stretching, bending,
    a living thing. Some laid bare, others concealed.
    Presto Change-o. Magic.

  37. Michael L MacKian

    The wind and the rain have stopped as we drive. Small clouds in a welcome blue sky are reflected in the smooth surface of the water meadows beside the road. Half drowned hedgerows remind us of the green grass waiting for the summer.

  38. Tea norman

    Our Christmas tree looks horribly naked without the pretty balls. I need sparkly, pearl-like and gold beauty to dazzle my eyes. Sometimes just those adjectives in a novel can make my mind light up with happiness.

    1. deb winans

      Never mind the cold drizzle from a grey sky
      The warm oven promises savory chops and roasted potatoes
      A full belly laughs at the rain

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