Creative Boost Packages

Sunflowers by Stuck in Customs“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?” ~Rumi

How closely does your everyday life reflect what is really important to you? Satya and Kaspa each offer Creative Boost 1:1 sessions as a way of closing the gap.

It is notoriously difficult to set the time aside to nourish our most cherished projects, or to untangle the knots that are holding you back.

Creative Boosts are a container for this kind of reflective space. In this space we look together at what is getting in your way, and make sense of why you haven’t already made changes. We decide on practical steps, practice perseverance, celebrate your successes and have fun!

Creative Super-Boost Package

This twelve-week package can start at any time and includes:

* a free twenty minute Skype or call to help you decide whether you’d like to work with us
* six 1:1 sessions of forty minutes long each with Satya or Kaspa
* the opportunity to email us through your actions and receive feedback after each session
* one month-long mindful writing e-course of your choice from Finding Your Way Home, Writing Ourselves Alive, Journalling Our Way Home, Eastern Therapeutic Writing, Writing Towards Healing or Writing and Spiritual Practice (usual cost £50/$80)

Package cost: £300/$400.

Single sessions are also available and charged at £50 ($80) for each 40 minute consultation.

Find out more about Satya and Kaspa’s different approaches to creativity coaching.

We also offer these Creative Boost Packages which run at specific times during the year. As well as one or two Creative Boosts, they also include a cohort of fellow travellers, daily inspirational emails and a private group where you can share your experience of the course.

Cello inlay by Andrew J Sutherland


Creative Intensives, for creative folk wanting to get serious amounts of work done. Next running with Satya in 2014, email for a reminder nearer the time.





The Way of Getting Things Done with Kaspa – does what it says on the tin! Next running in 2014 – email for a reminder nearer the time.



sky by Amanda Oaks


Do you need to learn how to do nothing? For a month of idling and finding creative space, try our Mindful Moodle with Satya. Next running in November 2013.



“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~Rumi


‘Sunflowers’ by Stuck in Customs