The Way of Getting Things Done

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Do you have a list of things to do? A project that you have created, or want to start, or that someone else has handed to you?

Or do you just have a vague sense that something should be done?

The Way of Getting Things Done will help you get from one end to the other, and it’s about discovering meaningful activity – just what is it that we should be doing?

Join Kaspa for The Way of Getting Things Done.

“I recently had two Skype interviews with Kaspa. I found him to be very present… I felt myself contained in his attentive silence… I felt freed up to be myself. He made some very helpful suggestions which I shall be putting into practice. I can thoroughly recommend Kaspa to anyone who may be thinking of taking his course.” ~ Daphne Radenhurst

Inspired and influenced by Japanese psychology, as well as drawing on Western models of coaching and Buddhist Psychology, Kaspa will help you discover or clarify your most important tasks. He will guide you through creating a road-map, and developing an attitude that will enable you to get things done.

This offering is ideal for people beginning new projects, or people with old projects that need new life injecting into them.

You’ll get two personal Creative Boost coaching sessions (by Skype or telephone), 28 daily emails, and 4 weekly musings to inspire you as you work. You will receive all of this for the usual cost of two Creative Boosts alone.

Having two coaching sessions is important. In the first one we can think about your goals, about what is important to you, and plan some realistic steps to take you closer to those goals. In the second session we can review what’s happened – we’ll have some real evidence of how you respond to planning, and of what gives you energy. We can adjust our plans and strategies based on a real understanding of you, and create a plan for your future.

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