Work with Kaspa

Kaspalita“I recommend Kaspalita as a highly competent coach who is very skilled in listening, asking timely questions and making occasional inspired suggestions. His intuitive and caring approach has helped me to find greater clarity and purpose around every issue I have brought to our sessions.” ~ Andy Paice, Natural Insight Coaching

I help people discover what is most important to them, and how they can go about aligning what they do with what they deeply believe.

I am particularly interested in how we work, and what we can do to work better.

have facilitated people’s growth in many different situations; from training actors to help them give their best possible performance, to leading spiritual retreats, to working with people in the last stages of their life. 

The framework for my work comes from my Buddhist training, from Buddhist and humanistic psychologies and from my creative work and experience. It comes from facing the koans (central questions) in my own life, and from standing next to and helping others face and work with their own koans. I am influenced by the work of Dr. Morita, a Japanese psychotherapist who believed that how we act conditions how we feel, rather than the other way around.

I am ordained as a Pureland Buddhist priest, and lived and trained as a monk in community for four years. I hold a post-graduate certificate in Chaplaincy studies, and my first degree was in Drama. As well as offering mindful coaching I have recently started seeing clients for counselling/psychotherapy.

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