Work with Satya

Satya RobynI’d recommend Satya in a heartbeat. She was kind, she was present, she was helpful and she wasn’t afraid to challenge me on occasion. And as an experienced creative entrepreneur, I valued her insight and empathy highly.” Kat McNally, Writer, artist & blogger 

Is it time for you to move forwards with a creative project? Fed up of feeling stuck? Looking for meaning? Book a Skype session with me.

Our coaching calls will be a sacred space where, together, we will work our way through the various tangles inherent in creative work. We can focus on whatever is important to you – career choice, time management, getting things done, meaning, finding a creative ‘voice’, making a living, spirituality and, of course, writing.

I work from a humanistic and Buddhist framework. These theoretical approaches, and a lifetime of my experiences as an ordinary person and as a novelist with different projects and priorities to juggle, all inform my way of working.

I am a published novelist and have written other books. I hold a coaching diploma with the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, and I’m a BACP Accredited psychotherapist in private practice. I have a Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy with the Amida Trust. Before becoming self-employed I worked both in the private and charity sectors.

Do get in touch with me if you’d like to book in an initial session – I charge £50/$65 a session. If you’d rather work with me as a psychotherapist or a supervisor find out more here.

“I have just finished six coaching sessions with Satya and would have been quite sad… had it not been for the thought of signing on for six more in the new year! With Satya’s gentle guidance and firm encouragement, I have: focused my creative goals; become more accountable regarding progress towards my “dream” book project; investigated the fears and assumptions that tend to trip me up or hold me back; and made a firm plan for the new year.

I think Satya has a really unique combination of skills and abilities and experiences that make her the ideal creative coach. She is a highly capable and widely praised author; she has direct experience of, and empathy for, the challenges of the writer’s life. She is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist; she is a wonderful listener who creates a safe, non-judgmental space to explore fears and challenges. She is a blogger and tweeter and e-course provider; she has considerable experience of the benefits and detractions of building on online community. She’s also a wife, a committed and practicing (and soon-to-be ordained) Buddhist, and just generally a kind and nurturing person whose smile never fails to delight and reassure… even over the other side of the world, via pixellated Skype!

I found working with Satya to be a valuable and real and sometimes messy but always warm experience. I’m really looking forward to our relationship evolving in the new year as I take my creative projects to the next level.”
~ Kat McNally

“I really enjoyed working with Satya and wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend her as a creative life coach. Her non-judgmental, compassionate and straightforward approach helped me to clarify what was most important in my life and identify the obstacles to achieving my goals. I felt Satya to be very perceptive in a kind gentle way. She challenged some of my “incapable” stories and inspired me to loosen the grip and see myself in new ways. From this relationship, I have been able to make positive steps toward growing my business as a therapist and putting more of writing out into the world. With gratitude!”
~ Teresa Williams, psychotherapist & writer

“I have found my coaching sessions with Satya invaluable. I had been wanting to write but other preoccupations, many of them apparently very worthy kept seeming to get in the way. My coaching sessions with Satya helped me to get over myself and all the ways in which I was stopping myself writing regularly and instead I have now both created a writing practice and taken other steps towards supporting myself on my writing journey. Working with Satya has helped me to really understand how much how we feel about and approach writing is tied up with everything else in life. Now that I feel better about my writing I feel better about myself too and more able to see how to make writing a bigger part of what I do.” ~ Mary Ann Mhina, Writer