Creativity Interview with Jamie Catto – genius music-maker

FakeKaspa writes: I’m really pleased to bring you these answers from Jamie Catto as part of our Creativity Interview series.

Jamie Catto is the creative catalyst, co-producer and director of the double Grammy nominated film ‘1 Giant Leap’ which sold over 300,000 albums, and won numerous awards globally. He’s also a founder member, singer, art director and video director of the Dance Music super-group Faithless.

Jamie and his partner Raisa Breslava run workshops throughout Europe on: ‘What About You?’, ‘Transforming Shadows’ and ‘What About Intimacy’.

Hi Jamie, what drives your creative work?

the mission to create a mirror for the audience – to dissolve limiting beliefs and definitions which keep us enslaved

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and meet yourself at the beginning of your creative career?

stop worrying, it’s wasting energy, hurting, and going nowhere good

How do you keep creating when things get difficult?

ha! I create BECAUSE things are difficult 🙂

How does your creative work affect the rest of your life?

it allows me to communicate what’s in my heart to millions of people

What is it like to send your work out into the world?

exciting – like a message in a bottle – you never know where it will go

What was the best advice anyone gave to you?

keep going, you will get a break

What helps you to pay attention to the world?

my breath

Thanks Jamie! You can follow Jamie on Twitter here @JamieCatto and find out more about his 1 Giant Leap project, workshops and other work at

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