Day 10: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Glowing by Noahwhite fog creeps through the trees breathing eucalyptus in my nose

Mark Kaplon


We’re on the tenth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Glowing by Noah

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72 thoughts on “Day 10: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Jean S

    Tick. Tock.
    Breathing out.
    Neighbor’s muffled TV.
    A swish of a passing car.
    Return to breathing…
    In and out.
    Thich. Tock. Hmm.

  2. Brinda


    reviewing figures
    of receipts and bills
    days and months
    fit in the squares
    on the blank sheets
    as if they have a will
    of their own, a sequence
    cast in the hall of fame
    for figures, some, fiery
    some insignificant,
    some hungry for
    acceptance and appreciation
    and some, completely
    repulsive, while some, still
    get our approval
    But, Oh! how so few…


  3. Angela

    how lucky I feel this morning. ignored the noise in the night. woke up to find burnt out plug. no lights, what to do? the wonders of the fuse box scare me. wait and think what to do. what a way to start the day. outside I see the sun. thank you.

  4. Freya Pickard

    hiss-click snowflakes fall
    whisper-kiss, whiteness on red
    in a silent world

    © Freya Pickard 2014

  5. Mark Sargeant

    evening softness, street lights glowing pink-orange
    sound of a tram in the distance – ‘ding ding’
    sweet leaves rustling & a cup of Tulsi tea in my hands

  6. oakhart

    Today’s an angry day,

    An ‘I’d rather stay

    Under the duvet kind of day’.

    It snaps at my heels,

    Whipping me into action,

    Pulling me into

    A space I’d rather not be.


    As the in-breath comes,

    I pause

    And smile,

    At the little girl

    Who masks her despair,

    With a glued on smile

    And her willingness to dance

    To some-one else’s tune,

    Until now.

    1. JulesPaige

      I’ve been there…trying to get out from under…most days I succeed – now
      but another storm brews. Sometimes we must be willing to get out of our own way.

  7. Maaike Klaster

    The frantic chirping of a bird, sounding like a high-pitched bicycle pump used by someone in a hurry.

  8. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    foggy sky foretells
    change in the weather, again
    moon weakly shines through
    warm enough for morning snow
    soon will melt on the ‘morrow

  9. Dorothee

    in the middle of morning
    traffic commotion:
    a car with a number plate
    that says OM
    (which made me realize that OM is right there, inside of any cOMmotion, always)

  10. Lizzie Carver

    Arched eyebrow markings on silver birch trunks; white faces with sightless eyes, standing, staring.

  11. Kay Walker

    Sleepy morning
    Mmmm coffee wafting in
    Fire to start in wood stove
    Shovel snow path to the horses
    Feel their warm breath
    Sun breaking in the east

    No wood stove and horses now, aaahhh, such sweet memories.
    Life is abundantlyl glorious and I live in gratitude.

  12. Litsa

    I watch you cat, calm and reserved, clothed in infinite patience. I sit still and let my mind wander until it stills, calms and for a moment exists in infinite patience.

  13. Andrea

    At the Entrance to a Crowded Restaurant at Dinnertime

    The overweight man outed us; “I’ll leave, so five people can come in.”

  14. Allison Shapiro

    Pearl Gray doves lift their wings and become one across the horizon
    Soft Feathery droplets float gracefully to earth
    Light rises above.

  15. larry p

    “The ground was covered with a pile of pledgets”, I read.
    Wondering what a pledget might be, I check the dictionary;
    I’m told that a pledget is a little cotton ball,
    generally used to sop up medical discharges.
    More interesting is the next entry, pleiad.
    A pleiad, it seems, is a collection of seven things.
    A string of my “car cranes” comprises a pleiad of cranes.
    Until this week, my rear-view mirror
    sported seven crane strings: a pleiad of crane pleiads.
    No longer, just this week, I added
    a pleiad of pink, baby cranes.

  16. Daphne Radenhurst

    Does God weep?
    I often wonder.
    Since we are made in His image,
    Perhaps He weeps through us.

  17. Nicole

    Doing all the things I was supposed to do…
    feeling good about it.
    Happy to have someone working with me
    Opening my eyes, making my mind function at it’s best,
    I don’t know what name I should give him
    God ? Angel ? Writing elf ?
    What ever… Thank you who ever you are !

  18. Pam Niles

    A good memory may be a blessing, may also be a torment when, year after year, the turning of calendar pages conjure up remembrances of loss, of lives and events no longer, of deaths forevermore. Today, the date reminds me of a pair of green eyes peering from a narrow pointed face on a four paws frame. In recalling my little Dorian, my heartbeat slows, seems to recoil deeper into the cavernous space within my own vibrant body, where in thought only I’m reliving the feel of his silver fur, the vibration of his ever-present purr, the heft of his weight on my lap during those evenings we shared, seemingly endless, he competing with the book in my hands, burrowing stubbornly down, where he’d remain undisturbed, I’m relieved to say, for hours. This memory now canonizes the love and companionship we shared, its ephemeral substance breaching a former time and space for just one sad yet sweet present moment, extending—not really—his too few years of life.

  19. SM Jenkin

    White plastic bags, full beyond
    brimming, filled some more;
    lined up in front of the window. A woman
    walks past, alone, from her dryer to the
    wooden bench with an empty hand.
    Her laundry spins.

  20. Jennifer

    Ensconsed, at last, in Winter sleep, deep and lovely. The pattering of the rain; scrub jay screech. Hummingbird avails herself of rosemary’s blue-purple trumpets.

  21. Hajra

    A glass apple sits on the wooden shelf in my study…
    It’s not very pretty…
    Yet when the sunlight touches it…
    It becomes an over enthusiastic prism…
    For my wall and ceiling becomes its canvas…
    Where it splashes little images of the rainbow…
    And the room is flooded with wondeful color…
    Violet, blue, red, green, yellow…

  22. Fay

    Many thanks for fixing the comments problem some of us have been experiencing Kaspa.
    My small stones so far…
    For hours
    I have gazed
    at cascading water droplets

    You lay softly in my arms.

    Journey to the Henge:
    Slate grey,
    elemental sky
    punctuated by grey-wether sarsens

    At the National Portrait Gallery, London:
    We file, en mass
    past portraits
    hung in a large white room.
    Gazing into the faces of strangers.
    Trying to see something of ourselves in the frame.

    into a headwind
    is exhilarating !

    Creating space
    For yoga
    For peace
    For ease

    The outside world
    Feels elusive today

    Today …..
    The blank page
    is a powerful force
    that resists inscription

    I gaze for a moment
    At the flooded river path I cycle along
    Then continue my journey
    Along another route

    Hyacinth flowers
    slowly emerge
    from their bulbous slumber

  23. Nerissa


    Lady of the crystal shawl,
    I crave your biting breath,
    Your still, silent presence,
    Your cleansing touch.

  24. Gary Hewitt

    White temple of boiling liquid
    Patience required before daring entry
    Body dropped, all is intact
    Dunking over, devour, then drink

  25. De Jackson

    Catching up again (all days so far are on my blog).

    small stonings

    Jan. 8
    some dreams die small,
    crackled leaves on branches
    unaware of mourning. i rub
    them between my fingers, make
    them once again one with the earth.

    Jan. 9
    thrown high, the sky’s
    a perfect brilliant
    but i, thrown too, am
    partly cloudy.

    Jan. 10
    even the smallest of shards
    have sharp edges. see that
    groove there, this ancient
    layered shine? these pockets
    were made for tucking ache,
    loosing fear, re-carving what
    is mine.

  26. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 10, 2014

    …Nothing belongs to us. – Rainer Maria Rilke

    Words to craft poems
    don’t belong to me. They’re
    the same words of poets past,
    of poets yet to come.

    I share my words with others.
    Only their order on the page
    makes them, for a moment, mine.

    Even the time I live on
    borrowed, gift of a surgical knife.


  27. Sharon Black

    In the space vacated by the Christmas tree
    I hook up a carabiner,
    unroll my hammock, add a cushion
    for my feet – creaking to
    and fro, I exhale
    two weeks of festive cheer, watch
    the ageing pines defy the wind.

  28. Joan

    #smallstones 10


    our fog,

    unlike Sandburg’s fog,

    doesn’t tiptoe in on little cat feet;

    It stalks,

    it hunts us down

    like prey and then it leaps,

    springs upon us,


    upon us

    before attacking,

    devouring, and covering us

    as it were a giant jungle cat

    making sure its prey did not get away.

    Like Sandburg’s “Fog”, it too is silent

    but no less deadly for all that.

    Escape seemed impossible

    but we made it back home

    still breathing, though our hearts

    beat double time.”

  29. Laurel Regan

    splotches of caramel and butterscotch
    chocolate brown edged with marshmallow white
    sweet mama cat

  30. Pookie

    Flooded lochs and deep rivers so still today
    Reflect my pensive mood and display a
    Tranquility that belies the hidden complexity
    Of emotion

  31. Linda

    I awake to the twittering of busy birds outside my open window. It is so much easier to get up and meet the day with those encouraging sounds.

  32. Helen Lewis

    Raindrops rap a message on the window:
    This is your life
    and this
    and this
    and this –
    pay attention!

  33. sue

    Neither dark nor light,
    neither warm nor cold,
    lingering to breath
    moisture laden air,
    mild January twilight.

    January 10, 2014

  34. Lindy Fly

    7:24 p.m. Jan. 10th Sandpoint, ID
    Friday blinked by fast,
    holiday lights neon cheer
    for long northern nights.

  35. Sherilee

    Dear Gratitude, Thanks for being with me all these years. Even when you are quiet, you’re still around, and I appreciate that you’re not always chirping away at me. Sometimes I just want to sit with you for a bit, and you always let me. I really don’t know what I’d do without you. Your pal, Sherilee

  36. beverley

    It’s a pink box, a round box, full of fluted paper crowns, empty of the confection that cracked at first bite into a deep dense dark paste. It’s a box to hold quilting pins or paper clips or promises and tokens.

  37. S.E.Ingraham

    January 10,2014


    Strangers, we talk of the most intimate matters
    as we wait for our flu shots; how much we both
    crave a cigarette – I have been a non-smoker over
    three decades – she, less than three weeks. The
    lines in her face weave a story of a life hard-lived
    and I am interested to learn much of it while we
    wait to get poked.

  38. Nina

    I pull my clothes on in an attempt to make myself
    feel awake.
    Technically I have got up.
    I am wearing a combination of clothing
    I would never brave the outside world in,
    I am comfy.
    I have not restricted myself into too tight for
    me undergarments or bothered to cover
    my naked feet in socks.
    There is no need as I spend the day
    beneath a blanket
    and sleep.

  39. Catriona

    Under the morning’s pink blanket, glittering car lights are strung like jewels, flickering through the trees.

  40. Linda Saccoccio

    horizontal movement of pain
    head to hips
    grows with vigor
    crippling sleeping body
    yet movement is the reviver
    the reliever, of this stagnancy
    wind chimes ring
    through the open door

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