Day 11: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Leaf it to me by Wendellthe leaves
that have yet to change. . .
dad’s stroke

Ben Moeller-Gaa


We’re on the eleventh day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Leaf it to me by Wendell

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72 thoughts on “Day 11: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Brinda


    grey and sodden day–
    I yawn in dashes and squeeze
    the lemon juice with long
    punctuation marks

    the hands that worked
    the shawl through and through
    come alive in the weaved cloth
    awaken my senses

    thoughts and dreams
    linger a little longer
    I am kept warm
    by the same sun


  2. Lizzie Carver

    Palest blue bowl of sky, rimmed with pink. Bare trees in relief; here and there a glistening, golden highlight draws the eye to branch of oak or fir.

  3. Judi Sillifant

    The sun is spilling over my windowsill like orange juice and her light is pouring through the stained glass window like an upturned bowl of jelly beans.

  4. oakhart

    Paper Smile

    Lips stutter into a curve.
    Pegged at the corners,
    This brittle smile
    Sticks to my teeth,
    And clutches at my heart.
    No life here then?
    Just resignation

  5. Bernadette Darnell

    I woke up this morning
    with a song in my head
    I had to put pen to paper
    before I rolled out of bed
    This is what my thoughts did say
    I’m sharing them with you…
    Have a luscious lovely day.

  6. Daphne Radenhurst

    Turning out of a driveway
    Into a busy road,
    I hesitate.
    Parked cars give me no view,
    I pluck up my courage
    And drive out.
    The road is empty!
    I thank the angels.

  7. SM Jenkin

    Above the hardback copies works of Paul Theroux
    sitting neatly in the high gun-metal shelves of the Travel
    section; through the lattice work of the 1930s
    window, into the bright blue skies above
    white-washed walls
    steals the promise of the morning

  8. Mari Sexton

    The dark umber rough ribbon
    Sandbank, a perfect contrast to
    Mirror-smooth water,
    Now calm after the storm

  9. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    rattled; snake
    olive branch arrives
    defusing the itch to fight
    bursting the balloon
    gas escapes, is diluted
    yet nasty poison lingers

  10. Jill Salahub

    I started yoga teacher training last night. My back against a wall, feet on the floor, a soft voice of yoga in front of me, the rumble of Kirtan behind. The row of windows to my right let in the twinkle of holiday lights still wrapping the trees and the noise of the street, Friday night in Old Town. At first, I am flanked by emptiness, but before long the circle is full, it and the door closed. Women with intention, all of them speak about a hunger for community and friendship. I feel on the floor in more ways than one, grounded and low, bottomed out. We chant the Ganesh mantra, Remover of Obstacles, Lord of Compassion, and I remember that I am my biggest obstacle. Breath in, breath out. Begin again.

  11. Kay Walker

    Receiving his love embraces the self
    Warm winds of change begin to blow
    Cooling with the passage of time
    Cold now
    Receiving self’s love
    Warming from the heart out
    Spreading and oozing to all it touches
    Winds of change come and go
    Love remains

  12. Dave conley

    Legs irons clatter clumsily to the floor
    “One of those days”
    Jittery sticks supporting crooked body
    Climbs into pool, swims into deeper waters

  13. Andrea

    I point out to my son the shadow
    the sunlight throws onto the unlit lamp’s shade.
    It looks exactly like a large dark spider
    with its defined head/thorax and abdomen,
    and three long winding legs.
    “Those are the things I write about,” I tell him.

    Next day, he shows me the perfect
    orbit a shiny button
    reflects onto the beige wall.
    “Write about that,” he tells me.

  14. Nerissa


    Witch tree,
    Thorn skeletoned creature,
    Many clawed,
    Each talon magic tipped.
    I seek your sorcery.

  15. Jennifer

    No takers for bread on a rainy, grey day. The birds’ warm nestle on bough and in bush trumps sustenance. The hierarchy of needs.

  16. Pookie

    If only I could travel as particles in a stream of love
    I could flit between my sad sister and my lonely father
    Share some laughter, enjoy companionship
    Without losing precious time with my husband
    And I could be with so many others
    My growing family and friends who mean so much to me
    If they wanted me
    No barrier
    The sea…
    Perhaps it is I who need them

  17. Allison Shapiro

    Fog paints an opaque screen that thunderbolts shatter like shards of corrugated tin

  18. Helen Lewis

    from inside a tangle of branches
    hugging a red brick wall
    a robin sings
    a love song to the sun

  19. Hajra

    They say the feeling of happiness comes from inside
    Yet why do we feel so empty
    If the person who made you feel happy
    Walks away….

  20. beverley

    Of course the trees and the hedgerows are bare: twigs and branches as naked as bones. Some say if I am still enough, quiet enough and press my ear to the craggy bark, I will hear the stirring sap, shifting slowly and potently like the marrow of my own.

  21. Andree

    There is no Not:

    Red as the sweetest kiss
    Red as a fresh wound
    A string tied into a knot
    A rose desired
    A love laboured
    Today he loves me

  22. S.E.Ingraham

    January 11,2014


    We don’t speak for months, sometimes years on end;
    but every time the connection re-knits as if we’ve never
    been apart, and we’re able to pick up where we left off.
    Still, life –and death–talk their toll, and the pain in your
    voice filled space last night as you talked about our friend,
    “never sick a day in her life” now suddenly dying of an
    inoperable something; symptomless save a pain behind
    her eye that comes and goes…not expected to live out
    the winter.

  23. claire barton

    The gift of the present is
    my wish to
    my wish to
    Heart felt
    now, not

  24. sue

    Waiting for dog in a dark alive
    with ceaseless shifting pines in the wind,
    the small brook swollen with rain
    beats against its banks,
    and behind it all
    the mechanical clang and scrape of the dragline
    on the mountain.

    January 11, 2014

  25. Kathy Nguyen

    what more can I ask for?
    the drive along Memorial
    with your hand in mine,
    the flicker of yellow butterflies
    through the oak-lined skies

  26. Satya Robyn Post author

    fresh pea soup
    the vibrant colour
    of that moss on the hill

    keep going people – you’re doing GREAT!

  27. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 11, 2014

    Whether war or peace,
    there is always human destruction
    of the land. We drive nature,
    its flora and fauna, to seek
    always shrinking habitat,
    then begin to look elsewhere
    for new territory for ourselves.

    Our mindset never forethought,
    always after.


  28. Nina

    The excitement of being found
    by your lover.
    His face lights up as he discovers
    me in the room
    next door.
    I love these moments.
    These moments confirm he loves me
    More than words ever could.

  29. Hajra

    It does amaze me..
    How poverty-stricken children..
    Despite the harshness of their lives..
    Never forget to smile..

  30. Linda

    Sharing in the celebration of a friend’s 90th birthday. We all decide to meet at the same place to celebrate her 100th.

  31. Catriona

    Sitting on my soft bed with coconut scented skin.
    I can still taste rich, dark chocolate in my mouth.
    Downstairs, the man who makes me smile.

  32. Kylie Whyte

    Today a perfect specimen. Almost a cliché. Voluptuous curves, skin the colour of a fair maiden’s cheek, smooth, with just a few droplets of dew. Today I want to draw you. Soon you will only be fit for making soup.

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