Day 15: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Daffodil by 4nitsirkthe first daffodil spear cuts the snow

Joanna M. Weston


We’re on the fifteenth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Daffodil by 4nitsirk

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65 thoughts on “Day 15: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Brinda


    dappled light on the foliage
    chrome yellow bulging clouds
    turn completely pink
    when the bus turns
    round the sinuous curbs
    school children move
    with a surplus halo
    their peach-like cheeks
    the same colour as
    a glowing dusk…


  2. Linda

    Cicadas still sing their noisy mating call, but there are fewer of them now. I will miss their racket when all have died to create the next generation.

  3. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    window view, grave stones
    historic in nature lay
    unaware of day
    en-robed blissfully in white?
    while headlines parade morning

  4. Freya Pickard

    a fox passed through our garden last night, she left an elegant trail of narrow, pointed prints, skimming the surface with her nails; line, dip, line, dip

    © Freya Pickard 2014

  5. Andrea

    The tap-tap-tap of the wooden spoon
    against the lip of the pot,
    the kiss-swump of the lid
    placed over simmering sauce.

  6. Kym W

    At the bar, everyone runs for cover as the tropical rain torrents except one small blonde-haired Russian girl. She stands in the rain, her small pale arms outstretched, smiling and singing, “chok dee, chok dee, chok dee.”

  7. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 15, 2014

    How do I hear myself
    amid the buzz of babble,
    the blab of the pave inside?

    Outside, there is ebb and flow
    to the cacophony of sound,
    noise of the crowd fades in and out.

    But here, even when sleeping
    I cannot still the tangle of incessant voices
    that hides what I feel and truths I might believe.


  8. Daphne Radenhurst

    Who was it said: “Events, dear boy, events.”?

    Today I’m tired –
    No inspiration
    So I’m giving it a break.

    See you in a day or two.

  9. Nicole

    Shame on me…
    I didn’t put my nose out of the door
    Then to throw old bread to the birds
    And pick up mail in our green letter box.

  10. Dave conley

    Rushing inside to beat the gale propelled rain
    Books waiting patiently
    Librarians battling to close the doors
    The whirling wind inside awakes a thousand souls
    Then silence, stillness

  11. SM Jenkin

    Magpies streak like
    comets across a stained canvas;
    blue stains leak through where
    splayed Ash branches
    grab the sky.
    Beneath the framed image, the
    burning radiator
    white on white

  12. H. V. Lehtinen

    And this is tea.
    The honey was drizzled slowly, goldenly, sweetly, fragrantly
    onto the waiting
    And into the tea.

  13. bob

    Back of neck collapsed and chin jutting towards the monitor.

    I remember looking in the mirror this morning, correcting a rounded back with an imaginary Alexander teacher gently pulling my head towards the ceiling and my shoulders back and down.

    Two inches taller then, I´ve shrunk back into the land of bad posture.

  14. Litsa

    Mirror, signal, music, manoeuvre. Car treads on rain soaked road as night draws in.
    Rhythm, lyrics filled with love, voice raised powerful, heartrending as city lights twinkle.

  15. Pookie

    Paying attention
    All day endless rain dulls the senses
    Until sunset
    Sensory overload!
    A beam of palest yellow
    Suddenly floods in from the west
    Forcing the greyness into submission
    A palette of vibrant watercolours thrown
    Haphazardly across the land from the glowing sea
    All the way to the cloud covered hills where they become
    A rainbow 🙂

  16. John S Oliver

    Circle Then Roost

    Small flock of birds circle and weave.
    And then they roost on the power lines.

  17. Patricia

    Before it is fully assembled, Snoezy already takes a nap in his new cat tree.

    I smile from ear to ear.

  18. Hajra

    My heart plummeted into my stomach…
    As I read the words…
    And every time it tried to resurface…
    The words resounded in my head…
    And so it was trapped in an abyss…

  19. Jean S

    Words. Glorious descriptors!
    What if no words?

    Perhaps pictures…
    Are pictures words too?
    Sounds, too?

    Perhaps touch…maybe.
    I dunno.

  20. Paul L. White

    Outside are roaming kitty cats
    Whose fleas are ’bout to drive me bats!
    They live amongst apartments here,
    On patios where it’s quite clear
    That no one often visits there,
    And so the kitty “takes” the chair.
    A heavy kitty, I must say,
    Perhaps with kittens on their way?
    Whatever. I can’t take mine ease
    Because of these here durned ol’ fleas!
    (scratch, scratch)

  21. laurie granieri

    Grinning at strangers in the street, the joy of anticipation, the joy of him, wanting to spread it all over this Wednesday afternoon.

  22. Kathy Nguyen

    a lone crane
    skims the skyline
    of young pine–
    along this asphalt trail
    I let my breath stir within
    its every wing beat

  23. Pamela Niles

    A little worn, perhaps,
    around the bones
    that creak and crackle
    when getting up
    but none the worse for
    the wear and tear
    of this active life.
    Thank you, dear body
    you’ve served me well
    as I have you.

  24. De Jackson

    January in Southern Nevada

    It’s the melding of the crunchcrunch
    of autumn and the balmy 65 of spring;
    the melting of a cotton candy sky against
    the tongue of that golden balloon moon.

  25. larry p

    My little brown friend and I walk,
    looking upwards as we go.
    Before meeting Hiroshige,
    I never noticed dawn
    with its horizon layers:
    rosy violet
    light gold
    greenish gold
    pale blue
    baby blue.
    Overhead only newly discovered,
    just a few days ago in fact,
    planets are bright enough
    still to remain visible
    in the fading night…
    well, and also Spica,
    the cold, blue virgin.

  26. Julie Gengo

    Dog Day Afternoon – ‪#‎smallstone‬
    Day 15: January Mindful Writing Challenge

    Dog Day Afternoon

    Back garden reverberates in
    Surround sound
    Two dogs chase imaginary
    Born before their time

  27. Nina

    I watch them play
    I am working
    Post-it notes in hand I scribble what I see
    until the game on chairs.
    That I watch
    and am instantly transported back to a
    childhood of smiles.

    The boy and girl
    sit opposite each other in the home corner
    (now a home)
    she sits with her feet up and baby doll on lap
    he tickles the doll’s feet
    and each time she mimics the baby’s giggle.
    Making make believe.

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