Day 16: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Ink falling by MycatkinsNew Vegan

Her first tattoo —

brand against branding,
badge of compassion;

ink from animal bones.

Gareth Trew


We’re on the sixteenth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Ink falling by Mycatkins

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64 thoughts on “Day 16: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Linda

    My pen creates lives that never existed.
    Gives them feelings, hopes and dreams, free will.
    They grow, become individual,
    make decisions,
    deal with consequences.
    They become real.
    They exist.

    1. oakhart

      Isn’t that interesting, especially when you think thoughts become things.
      Lots of parallel universes out there thenx

  2. Brinda


    bold and beautiful
    the croccus flowers jump
    within sight only a few inches
    away from the heavy shoes
    of civilisation’s fuss
    over beauty
    polished outside
    empty inside

    the croccus colours
    beam with delight
    their pistils charged
    with the sweetness
    of a new day
    the softness of breasts
    ripe with milk


  3. Kay Walker

    Her bright roundness shines down upon me
    Shines upon osprey I met this morning
    Shines upon eagle I met this afternoon
    Goodnight my grandmother moon
    Goodnight my winged ones
    Dreamtime is at hand

  4. Susan Sleepwriter

    The platform seems to quaver beneath my feet. I realise it is me. My pulsing blood after running for the train.

  5. Bob

    A white elephant, etched into the wall of the subway carriage stares down the morning commuters.

    No one mentions him.

  6. Maaike Klaster


    Adem in
    Geluid van kreukelend denim
    Adem uit
    Hetzelfde geluid


    Breathing in.
    Sound of denim wrinkling.
    Breathing out. Same sound.

  7. A.D. Stankowicz

    It doesn’t matter
    that I cannot see
    the whisper and growl
    of the ocean before me,
    that hides
    the dense
    morning fog

  8. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    tried and true
    trepidation – gone
    no excuses left – to do
    that list an arm long
    service not needed this time –
    home again; jiggity rhyme…

  9. Kathy Nguyen

    today I thought of the ache
    of losing you to cancer–
    I kept going back
    to when I stroke your hair
    as you rested on my lap


    these small tears
    mean little as they
    won’t bring you back–
    driving home I watch
    a young hawk thread its wings
    into the deepest pine wind

  10. John S Oliver

    Irregular Clangs

    Without a flag the halyard to the flagpole slaps the side sending out irregular clangs.

  11. Lizzie Carver

    Tears punch upwards
    As I return the last dress my mother wore to the very back of the drawer I rarely explore.

  12. Nicole

    This has been a day of rain.
    I planted a few oignons given by a friend.
    Hope it wasn’t in vain
    Winter time is coming to an end… Well…
    Soon !

  13. Dave conley

    Back arching gently
    Vibrant plumage on display
    Slowly the rainbow recoils
    Brighter skies beckon

  14. Paul L. White

    A gentle hand assistance gives
    To change the way this person lives;
    And I incline in gratitude
    For comfort which is soon ensued.
    Oh, how life matters More to some
    Than shadows, masks, or gains to come.
    In place of social malcontent,
    Their acts of kindness woes prevent.
    And I, in turn, must better be
    At reaching out in kind to Thee!

  15. SM Jenkin

    Yellow, blue, green,
    white, pink, purple

    like every other dark
    afternoon inside the single
    story extension. Perched on the
    back of the ex-council house
    next door

    Yellow, blue, green,
    white, pink, purple

    lights flash in succession
    through the window of the single story
    and the spaces in the arm of the tree
    next door

  16. Kylie Whyte

    the willow’s usually elegant fingers are now pointed angrily
    at the fierce and gusty sky
    electricity flying in all directions

  17. sue

    Moments before setting,
    slipping beneath
    the grey cloud blanket,
    Rumplestiltskin sun
    turns hillsides of straw
    to gold.

    January 16, 2014

  18. Pamela Niles

    Like fallen stars,
    the masthead lights on
    on the crab fishers’ boats
    sparkle on the formless sea.

  19. larry p

    My little brown friend and I
    see a fox dash into the small woods
    they’re hoping to raze for housing.
    Last night, three bunnies
    dashed off similarly.
    Br’er fox, it seems,
    knows where to be.

  20. Julie Gengo

    Big Orange Cat – #smallstone
    Day 16: January Mindful Writing Challenge

    Big Orange Cat

    Big orange cat
    Paws spread out like eagle wings
    Paint chipped house blends into the background

  21. De Jackson

    Good Night, Moon

    I’d slip her into my pocket
    if I could, this shivered slip
    of silvered sigh. The sky’s
    her bulletin board and she’s
    pinning something just for
    me: the silence of these trees,
    the glow of her own song.

  22. Carol A. Stephen

    I thought I had already posted this, but it doesn’t seem so: Jan. 16, 2014

    Truly to sing takes another kind of breath.
    A breath in the void. A shudder in God. A wind. – Rilke

    Some days the poems flow, words
    tumble one over the next, as if they
    come from somewhere beyond thought.

    But as I try to write the dark shadowed words—
    as thought turns inwards—

    I become blind and mute. Today,
    I stumble and tremble to sing my song.


  23. Nerissa

    Sore swallow
    With aching narrowed voice.
    I am thick-throated

    I dream dense and sweet
    Of hot honeyed potion.
    I am fever-floating.

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