Day 18: January Mindful Writing Challenge

duskno star yet –
in the early evening
her earring’s glitter


Angelee Deodhar

We’re on the eighteenth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below.

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image: Attribution Some rights reserved by overgraeme

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64 thoughts on “Day 18: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Brinda


    ordinary din
    in the bakery shop
    a tall man sneezes
    his lungs out
    a startling silence
    from every corner
    of everybody’s
    mouths open and
    shut again for a
    of moment
    with a sudden
    and suddenly,
    the door opens
    bringing in
    a new


  2. Nina

    Hazy, heavy head


    early waking

    from the night before.
    Little more than a few hours sleep

    Feel the tilt of the Earth
    in each step
    the gravitional pull.

  3. Daphne Radenhurst

    Shackled in chains,
    Bleeding backs,
    Lashed with whips,
    Cruelty and injustice,
    Toil and sweat,
    Hard labour.
    Twelve years a slave.

    I did not know ……
    I am sorry.

    I ask forgiveness
    For the human race.

  4. oakhart

    Take my hand.
    Step into the silence,
    Crack upon the Fear.
    Taste life’s sweet mystery
    Defrosting your bones.

  5. Jill Salahub

    Potty: Waking at 4:15 am to soft puppy whines. I put on my bathrobe and shoes, get Ringo out of his crate. It’s so dark, I have to judge where he is by feel. When I hit soft fur, a warm round belly, I tuck my hands under his armpits and lift him out. We walk down the dark hallway, him kissing me and whimpering, tiny feet touching my face. Outside, the sky is clear and full of stars, the moon so bright I don’t need to wear my head lamp. The cool air feels fresh, this moment easy and calm. When he’s finished, he comes over and sits at my feet. I scoop him back up and we make our way back to bed. (with picture,

  6. Lindy Fly

    Strange mottled landscape
    dark brown mysterious islands
    appearing within
    long, linear stretches of white.
    Backyard dusk, thawing footsteps.

    Last night’s salad bowl
    this morning’s wash pan,
    morning gloom
    slightly pathetic.

  7. H. V. Lehtinen

    The shadow on the screen
    betrays the light behind —
    The words I think I mean
    may yet reveal my mind–

  8. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    a different trial
    blanket of white snow
    grandmother’s angels’ playing
    with soap flakes again
    someone slipped on the road, bam!
    pole down? the power went out

  9. Raymond Maxwell

    a roof-top shot –
    full moon over the city
    the monument peeping at us
    watching us with those beady eyes

    won’t make it to New Ark today –
    wasn’t in the stars –
    bus and train schedules wouldn’t fit,
    didn’t want to drive:
    don’t like to drive long distances
    these days, roads are not safe
    for a man like me

    but we have his books here,
    poems, plays, short stories, essays,
    plenty to read and ponder –
    and we have all these obituaries –
    a thousand plateaus to climb to
    to see a full moon rising
    on an urban night

  10. Paul L. White

    Sometimes I wish so very hard
    That all at once I could discard
    Each problem that is facing me,
    Then plop right down and quiet be.
    Instead I find, as each day flows,
    A greater strength which slowly grows
    And tenders great Accomplishment,
    Enhancing nearby Merriment!

  11. Helen Lewis

    with my tongue
    I hold a piece of dark chocolate
    against the roof of my mouth
    and rub slowly
    back and forth
    back and forth
    spiced chilli

  12. Pookie

    I found a hoard of love today hiding in an old cardboard box,
    my life in letters and cards – five generations, all there sending
    me love
    I feel amazing, I feel humbled
    I wish everyone had such a box

  13. Nicole

    One more day between bright sun and dark clouds,
    Memories weaving their way, good and bad…
    Not always easy ro keep smiling whatever.

  14. SM Jenkin

    canvas bag pressing sharply
    on my right shoulder
    soiled pink buggy jammed
    into backside, baby shrieks
    drumming inside my skull,
    but this; the boot.
    Chocolate brown, zip
    up the side,
    and soft leather pressing against
    naked calf. A perfect fit.

  15. Angela

    The anxiety before travelling. Weighing the suitcase. What have I forgotten? Have I taken too much with me? Why can’t I travel light. How many things go in the suitcase ‘just in case’ . Let go. Just relax and enjoy. You’re going back to what feels like home.

  16. Jean S

    Thoughts noticed.

    No stories spun.
    Peaceful deep breathing.

    Feelings noticed.
    Just breathing.

    Discipline repeated.
    Mindful of breathing.

    1. JulesPaige

      Still working on that. Would be helpful when getting out of nightmares.

      Everything and anything is up for grabs concerning writing 🙂

      Hot, creepy crawlies gotta eat too. Compost makes a happy garden.

  17. sue

    daily three or four times
    deep booms and tremors
    of dynamite
    are followed by the long
    waterfall of rock against rock,
    the assault of the mountain

  18. Nerissa

    Beloved wood on deer-horned hill,
    We slip-struggle to your summit
    To pray under trees that watch with endless patience.
    With arms stretched out under Scots Pine,
    We call the oak-bark God and Hawthorn Crone
    And hear the wind’s voice speak our name.

  19. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 18, 2014

    “And Everything Matters”
    “The tasks that have been entrusted to us are often difficult. Almost everything that matters is difficult, and everything matters.” –Rainer Maria Rilke from A Year with Rilke

    While I think about this
    Zemanta tells me Nothing Really Matters
    but Foodmatters, and by the way,

    the truth matters, Family matters
    and even so, nothing matters and what if it did?
    Followed almost at once by all that matters.

    Google tells me Poetry matters and why
    it matters now, and Science also matters. Did you know
    there are poems about matter in science?

    I have made Worry matter, although it gives back
    only stress, so to live without worry does matter.
    Is this why it is so difficult to find inner calm?


  20. Laurel Regan

    Shopping mall, busy Saturday
    Harried parents trailed by small beings
    crying, whining, coat-tugging, foot-stomping
    “Buy me one!”
    “Why can’t I?”
    “You never let me have anything!”
    And I smile to myself, utterly content
    As I walk back to my car

  21. Susan Sleepwriter

    Tonight, Orion’s belt and sword form an arrow pointing upwards. My eyes follow its direction to nothing.

  22. larry p

    It’s been a lazy day,
    lazy snow, lazy people.
    Our late trip to the “outhouse”
    shows an unsafe stairway,
    unsafe with heavy wet snow;
    even more unsafe after
    the hard freeze that looms.
    Leaving my little brown friend
    hooked to the door,
    I head back out.
    scraping just a bare path,
    down the steps,
    to the car,
    to the street.
    With luck, the lazy snow
    which began as we went out,
    will lack energy and give up.

  23. Kathy Nguyen

    you caress me
    tenderly at the apple
    of my cheek . . .
    even before parting
    your feverish face wanes
    with such sadness

  24. Joan

    #smallstones 18

    The door bell rings,

    I freeze

    it rings again,

    A big sigh of relief

    Husband is home

    Now I can rest easy.

  25. Julie Gengo

    Purple Hill – #smallstone
    Day 18: January Mindful Writing Challenge
    Purple Hill

    Longs strides
    Pass by
    Hill drenched in purple haze
    Fading light
    Night bird flies fast
    Footsteps accelerate

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