Day 20: January Mindful Writing Challenge

dog— The dog knows
The world so well
Chases his tail
Quite literally
But knows that
It gets him nowhere.


J.K. Durick

We’re on the twentieth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below.

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image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Charlie Stinchcomb

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64 thoughts on “Day 20: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Brinda


    fine morning
    on this market day —
    a flicker of Spring
    from the dirt
    upon the freshly
    exposed vegetables


  2. Linda

    I have been going through my (handbag) notebook from 2012. There are lots of notes in it that I took a during few of my visits with Dad.
    It brings everything back to me. Not just the note I wrote about his childhood, his dad, etc, but about where we were when I wrote them and what we were doing then.
    It made Dad seem very close. I could hear his voice and see his smile, and read the love of his family in his blind blue eyes.
    It is seven months now since he died, but I think he will always be with me.

  3. Satya Robyn

    a pigeon wandering about on next door’s flat roof, which sparkles with thick frost and ice. another silhouetted on the street lamp down the road, all misty greys behind it. a third in the eucalyptus, the tree’s bark hanging down like burnt shredded skin.

  4. Daphne Radenhurst

    It is dark,
    I can see Bath
    Spread out like a tapestry,
    Shot through with golden thread.
    One window,

  5. Lizzie Carver

    Ahead, moonlight skitters off frosted grasses
    As the pre-dawn light plumps the mist pillows beside and behind.

  6. Susan Sleepwriter

    Rain blows lightly
    across my open book.
    The chapter ends anointed.
    The weather’s lost for words.

  7. Nicole

    20 days into january
    20 days of this new year
    What are my going to do with the 345 ones left ?
    I have no idea.
    It stays open for my wildest dreams !

  8. Angela

    The birds doing their final dance before the dusk arrives. The air is still – no breeze for the first time in ages – and the sun has been shining all day. The bulbs are bursting through the damp ground and I am sad because I will miss the snowdrops with their white and green leaves and that beautiful perfume I love so much.

  9. Pamela Niles

    Briny wafts of brawling sea
    whip around me, sharp and zesty,
    seasoning musk prints
    of midnight scavengers
    still peppering the air.

  10. Allison Shapiro

    On the other side of pain, there is promise
    When we go there, hope happens
    Hope may fall, vulnerability may appear
    It is all a tender story
    Told and retold, infinitely in time and space

  11. Jean S

    Soft chimes echo in the wind–
    Their tubal copper highlights swing outside
    And beside the window my body sinks deeper in the sofa
    And my son’s dog rhythmically licks my hand.

    Thoughts breathe in and out.
    My heart beats Jack is here.

  12. Siobhán

    Seaside Walk

    Seagulls stretch their wings
    delighting in rare blue sky,
    while we stretch our legs
    bask in the surprise sun,
    subtext singing
    of Spring.

  13. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 20, 2014 I am reading A Year with Rilke, Daily Readings from the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke, and trying to respond with a small stone each day. Some days are more difficult than others, like today’s poem, which was titled God Speaks. I chose the last two lines to try to respond.

    …And with the silence of the stars I enfold
    your cities made by time.–Rilke

    Clear sky at evening spills
    from the burn of a billion stars.
    What energy lights the way?

    What spark first strikes neurons
    in the human brain? What shape
    held its first life in the universe?

    To what does it return when
    the last neuron dies? Is this the true
    human soul, the white and tunneled light?


  14. Andree

    A burst of her positive energy, her warmth,
    like rays of sunshine flooding the room.
    Who could remain cold?
    Faced with such a display,
    whose soul could possibly linger in darkness?

  15. R.G. Rader

    Receive the world in your arms
    from Tao Te Ching #28

    On this cold day
    this naked
    full of s p a r r o w s
    not a sound
    for a brief moment:
    a fleeting thought
    summer sun

  16. Pookie

    Watch the sun rise
    The moon set
    Feel the warmth of the summer sun
    The chill of frost and snow
    Poignant and joyful experiences
    Love of man, beast, nature and form
    24 hours of
    Small stones

  17. Helen Lewis

    Small stone number 1


    Watashi wa Nihon o mawashi teru
    Watashi wa Nihon o mawashite iru to omou
    Watashi wa hontōni sō omou

    I’m turning Japanese
    I think I’m turning Japanese
    I really think so

    This small stone was brought to you by The Vapors and Google Translate.

    Small stone number 2

    today my muse
    has her eyes closed
    her tongue out
    and her fingers in her ears

  18. Gary Hewitt

    Eyes watchful
    Ere do you toil
    A moment’s pause
    Is not acceptable
    Strive on the wheel
    For what end?
    Ne’er escape the circle
    Unless you stop
    Will you conform?

  19. Sharon Black

    Out of nowhere – a black bull,
    a stamp and scuff of dust
    and me, bleeding, flattened
    against the perimeter wall.
    Later, tucked by the fireside,
    I examine the scar across
    my shoulder, already healing.
    I don’t remember a red cape.

  20. H. V. Lehtinen

    I once made a beaded pen cover,
    seed beads in shades of pink coral, lilac, blue-grey, and pearl,
    trying to trap the shifting colors of sunset,
    so as to inspire the writing of a poem
    about the shifting colors of sunset — thus
    elusive illusion captured
    still shifts
    in tiny glass beads.

  21. larry p

    It seems, my kitchen floor is not level.
    A 2-l ginger ale bottle,
    rolled gently toward the west,
    slows, stops, then rolls back east.
    Another phenomenon demonstrated
    by toddler experimental science.

  22. Kathy Nguyen

    Funny how my small stone for today is about dogs too!

    Almost 8pm, and my neighborhood is suddenly alive with incessant barking. My gut too growls with so many things I cannot (ful)fill.

  23. Paul L. White

    You spoke of hope
    And braved the scorn.
    But far too soon
    We had to mourn.
    And still we grieve.
    There’s no reprieve
    Because we lost,
    At bitter cost,
    A Hero who
    Did change our ways
    And break the bonds
    For freer days!
    (in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King)

  24. JulesPaige

    technology takes
    numbers and spoofs them – do we
    really know who calls?
    all we can do is screen them –
    challenge their right to ring us

  25. Lindy Fly

    Mouth empty for years
    small celadon vase, geranium
    leaves art deco the side
    Granma’s been
    gone over forty

  26. Kay Walker

    She is there in the long ago,
    awaiting her future self to
    see her.
    She only wants love.
    Is that so hard to give?
    She waits a moment longer,
    Looking ahead she sees her future looking back.
    Their eyes meet.
    Powerful connection.
    Armor is cracked.
    Faint smile….

  27. Julie Gengo

    Plum Wine – #smallstone
    Day 20: January Mindful Writing Challenge
    Plum Wine

    Treading water
    Under warm sun
    Seaweed swirls
    Next to grilled squid
    Plum wine surprises us

  28. Christine de Jong

    this grey day really forces me back to bed with tea, a book, and colourful knitting….

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