Day 25: January Mindful Writing Challenge

rainkids at the bus stop –
the phenomenology /
of mobile call plans
rain last night again /
the valley saturated /
the same old mistakes


Pip Williams

We’re on the twenty-fifth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below.

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image:  Some rights reserved by Skley

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62 thoughts on “Day 25: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. John S Oliver

    Light Jacket and Big Difference

    The cool breeze is stopped by the light jacket.
    Just a sweater is not enough to stay warm.
    Wearing the jacket too makes a big difference these days.

    1. JulesPaige

      Some times I am layered that I look like those little children who can’t move!
      It has been a long-john/ long-jane winter here!
      Stay warm -Jules

  2. SM Jenkin

    Everyone is alone in the dark;
    the 43 seconds in the tunnel between
    Gillingham to Chatham turn my lying watch-
    face blank. Blinking away the glare from the
    chalk faced banks; the light dims sharply.
    I see the wire mesh holding the crumbling
    chalk banks, slowly submerged by
    lush spring growth.
    Ivy has buried the lone grey signal box,
    slowly spreads towards the
    patchwork platforms.

    1. Malek Montag

      Like this! Reminds me of those days, when I was a boy, spent looking out the window as rain crashed down on the world and I was safe and warm. And I’d watch people in the rain, and watch the drops on the pane… I still enjoy moments like that! 🙂

  3. Brinda


    adjusting with
    the voices and faces
    from all seasons
    bones and skin
    melt under
    the solar lull
    the contours
    of the quiet mind
    and a more
    peaceful heart


  4. Nicole

    Always at the same place
    Looking out of the window
    I decide to sit up straighter…
    Wait what do I see ?
    Under the big dark tree
    There is a bush…
    And that bush looks like joy :
    Beautiful green foilage
    Dotted with bright red berries
    Looks like a happy fire of colours !
    Incredible how things can seem different
    Just by changing the hight or the angle
    Beautiful lesson of life : change !

    (if the way i say things sound strange to you… I’m french!)

  5. JulesPaige

    a renga:
    evening plans
    slow start this morning
    more snow expected, time to
    run errands; maybe
    or stay in and do some chores
    until pumpkin turns to coach
    out of state visit
    means that family will gather
    at a restaurant

  6. Malek Montag

    Enter a curiosity shop. Musty scents of old clothes and unwanted knick-knacks fill you nostrils. It feels old from the bland carpet under foot to the bland volunteer standing by the till. It feels deprived of energy by the unwealthy clients it attracts. But here is a hidden treasure trove tucked in behind the warm welcome of unpaid staff. For those prepared to spend time to save money for a ‘good cause’, the opportunity is here to revamp a wardrobe, improve a library, and build a DVD collection. Blessed be the Charity Shop!

  7. Lindy Fly


    Kitchen wall clock
    splatter spot
    shadow on time
    4th dimension?

    Rich dark grey holder
    fragrant verbena candle
    small nicked spot
    light glows through.

    Life’s wear and tear,
    Soul spots,
    and where the
    light glows through.

  8. De Jackson

    morning stone

    leaf shadows dance on this sun
    -spilled wall, ruffled by the unseen.
    one hungry robin sits above it all,
    crimson breast swollen with morning.

  9. Pookie

    Hunkering down for yet another storm
    Wheelie bins weighted down with rocks
    Everything loose tidied away
    Rain lashing against windows that
    Wobble alarmingly in the wind.
    I fear that any minute now a sheep will
    Go rolling by like tumble weed!

  10. Patricia

    It was a short message in the local newspaper: “Car hits wheelchair. Lady in wheelchair has minor injuries.” That’s about all the article told me. Just another fact of life, not very important.
    To me and my family it is of the utmost importance. It was an article of shock, disbelieve and fear that has, by now, turned into thankfulness because things could have been so much worse.
    The ‘Lady in wheelchair’ is my beloved aunt.

  11. Jean S

    Tree branches reach out into the storm
    while the woodpecker bobs and alights on the swinging clothesline.

    Then it flies back to the familiar steady trunk of its home
    Tickling the tree branches who dared stretch out to test the wind.

  12. Pamela Niles

    She was a small bird
    delicate tufts
    of white and brown feathers
    strewn upon the grass.

  13. Sharon Black

    A rare day out à deux –
    my husband at the wheel, cracking
    jokes, handsomer in profile
    than when we first met,
    the grey around his temples
    catching the light, as warm
    and surely inevitable
    as our matching silver rings.

  14. Laurel Regan

    Snow-reflected winter sun beams through the skylight
    Bathes my closed, drowsy eyes in soft warmth
    Turns the dreamy world behind my vision to radiant red-gold.

  15. Kirsten Cliff

    my morning of colours . . .
    the pure white of the basil flowers against the scented green leaves
    the black & yellow stripes of a wasp dead in the windscreen wipers
    the pink of my shirt matching my tall glass of berry smoothie

  16. Nerissa

    When a pain is new
    You twist, scream and cry:
    Anything to get away

    When a pain is old
    It settles in; a heavy coat to wear
    You bear it. You endure.

  17. Paul L. White

    Coasting to a resting place
    Is how time feels right now.
    Coldest weather made one race
    Through tasks with furrowed brow.
    “But sir,” a voice keeps scolding me,
    “It’s balmy, go and shop!
    “In days it will be brisk, you’ll see.”
    And then I bellow “Stop!”
    The voice must make it’s pressure cease,
    For I’m in Human form;
    And thus the need to gently lease
    A Respite, though it’s warm.

  18. larry p

    First non-medical outing in ages,
    and it seems to be little girls night.
    Diagonally to my left
    two couples,
    two little girls no more than three
    one infant girl.
    On the other side of the barrier:
    three young women
    four little girls no more than four
    two with bows in their hair
    one white, one red.
    By the back wall:
    a little girl in spangly red.
    when their food comes,
    she climbs into her mother’s lap
    and stabs at her food,
    in the manner of a three-year old.
    As the families with little girls leave,
    families with little boys show up:
    first an old couple with a young boy;
    later a 30-ish couple with two young boys.
    Great entertainment for us old people;
    and the food was ok as well.

  19. Kathy Nguyen

    Amidst the facade of chatter and music, only a few things matter: you in a suit and tie, your warm hands, white wine with dessert, and how your words caress my laughter.

  20. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 25, 2014

    “In deep nights, I dig for you like treasure.” From the Book of Hours II, 34 –Rilke

    Which words will come
    unbidden in effortless flow
    when time is right?

    What will struggle for birth
    beneath wings of night birds
    fledglings trying to fly…


  21. Julie Gengo

    Balreywine and Berries – #smallstone
    Day 25: January Mindful Writing Challenge

    Barleywine and Berries

    Barleywine and berries
    Warmth rises through glasses
    Queues wrap around forever
    Friends gather and cheer

  22. Joan

    #smallstones 25

    The aroma of morning coffee

    freshly brewed

    awakens me without a single sound

    and lingers tantalizingly

    even after the last sip is gone.

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