Day 26: January Mindful Writing Challenge

rugpray mat flapping
my dusty mind


Ken Sawitri

We’re on the twenty-sixth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below.

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image:  Some rights reserved by cordelia_persen

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68 thoughts on “Day 26: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. JulesPaige

    a renga:
    writing sustains – me
    facilitates my thought strands
    embraces my time
    juggling my mental state;
    plans get challenged, sent away
    to another country –
    the one where aspects change, melt
    and just fade away…

  2. Brinda


    dimmed by distant
    paranoïa of wild
    emotions and rancor
    at life’s injustices
    he wears a face of
    a human, polished
    and repolished
    until he moves
    like a block of
    concrete wall
    against which
    he struggles
    days and nights
    surprised that
    all he gets is


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  4. Gary Hewitt

    Radiance then ebullient dark
    So to illuminate by spectral brands
    That’ll be another powercut then

  5. Susan Sleepwriter

    A lull in the pulsing traffic is filled by bird calls. The car rocks me
    faster than my heart. The dog pants on the back seat.

  6. John S Oliver

    Neighbor’s dog barks and barks and barks.

    Thankfully this dog is a few houses down. I only noticed it as I sat still on the back patio.

  7. Daphne Radenhurst

    A gaggle of mothers,
    Prams and small children.
    The sun burnishing their curls,
    Is reflected in their upturned faces.
    From the window, I smile.

  8. Lindy Fly

    Self deprecating dream,
    2nd ex husband in
    a Neil Caffrey suit
    walking away,
    heart unheeded.

    Reframe as grace,
    heart healing vision
    so many years later.

  9. Malek Montag

    Wind picks up. Rain falls in earnest. Hand-in-hand we walk against the elements. She raises her umbrella and the wind pulls it back. She rescues her shelter from the useless inverted dome its become. We step up our pace. But not by much. At a crossroads we stop. Which way? We look at each other. At each other. The rain pours over us. Which way? We spend a moment pondering that question…

  10. larry p

    Forced out of bed early again,
    we see the moon high in the sky.
    It’s a crescent moon,
    a waning crescent, I recall,
    after reminding myself that the moon
    is Jewish, or else Japanese:
    it waxes and then wanes
    from right to left.
    Then I’m distracted by a flutter
    and once again must ask myself,
    “Why in the hell do I see robins
    …in January…in the snow?”

  11. SM Jenkin

    In the warm kitchen, below the incomplete
    bottle of red wine from last week
    (on the side), I watch my hands grating potato
    onto the pine effect chopping board;
    soft white slivers falling randomly onto
    blue and white teacloth, crisp and fresh
    from the laundry;
    Boxty that my mother will
    not eat

    1. Malek Montag

      You also pack a lot in to a small piece! Lovely images of the cooking process and then a hard-hitting hook at the end…

  12. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 26, 2014

    “That great god Sleep: I yield to him all greediness for time.”—That Great God Sleep, from A Year with Rilke.

    Mornings, sleep clings to limbs,
    eyelids firm-shut, refusing light,
    mind still grasping the tail of dreams.

    I search for reasons why I deny the day,
    forgetting how late I stayed awake,
    the futility of wanting to miss nothing.


  13. Pookie

    As the rain and wind whirled around outside
    I kept snug and warm keeping my own company
    But not alone, I reached out
    From this little weather locked island
    In a happy social whirl to vie with the wind
    I wrote letters, telephoned, text, emailed and facebooked
    Happy Australia Day! Happy Birthday! Thank you!
    I have visited friends and family all
    Around the world
    Until the evening and we sat down together

  14. Dave Conley

    Rain rain, getting colder, maybe snow. “No earthquake, no tsunami” says the Japanese professor smiling

  15. Pamela Niles

    Another season.
    She returns to feed
    wearing her bushy tail
    like a boa over her body
    and when I cluck
    tongue to mouth’s roof
    she rushes towards me
    black sunflower seeds
    tossed generously upon
    the ground.

  16. becca givens

    Rest stop encounter
    Shiny black nose
    Puff of cotton ball
    Puppy legs and kisses
    Young social butterfly
    Charming happenstance
    Thief of my heart
    As she drives away

  17. Kathy Nguyen

    Today I paid attention to how my attention is like yesteryear’s leaves scattering at the crosswalk beneath the world’s feet. But when I breathe in the blue sky, I am yet reminded to set my wings on fire like sunlight spearing through clouds.

  18. Julie Gengo

    Blue Toes – #smallstone
    Day 26: January Mindful Writing Challenge

    Blue Toes

    Blue toes pop out from covers
    Raspy voice reverberates
    A night gone wild
    Hands make everything better

  19. Jo Beall

    As we step forward, the path behind vanishes…
    Sand painting scattered by winds to the sea.
    When the trail is done, I shall feel I’ve just begun…
    When the trail is done, I shall dance circles around the sun…

  20. Maaike Klaster

    Muffled indoor gospel singing, ringing through the brick church door, makes me want to go back home and start preparing food for someone. On my way though.

  21. Nina

    The garden Centre is filled with a treasure trove of colourful temptation.
    We should have just gone in
    grabbed the half price seeds and gone back home.
    We lingered, we looked, we touched.
    We hoped and wanted,
    lusted and longed
    coming home with empty pockets and a full boot.

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