Day 30: January Mindful Writing Challenge (2 days left)

wild mushroom by pal1970first light
last night’s rain
cupped in a mushroom

Ramesh Anand

We’re on the thirtieth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – VERY NEARLY THERE! Please post your small stone in the comments below.

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wild mushroom by pal1970

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69 thoughts on “Day 30: January Mindful Writing Challenge (2 days left)

    1. SM Jenkin

      Wow, beautiful and fragile description, with a feeling of not-quite-right with the birds not following the boat. I can hear the eerie call of the owl. Atmospheric!

  1. Brinda


    tamed cold —
    fuming coffee pushes
    away the milky clouds

    grunting yawns —
    shuffling in between
    two worlds

    pin up —
    the toast cracks in
    total submission

    one by one
    windows become alive —
    animated movies…

    singing waterpipes
    above and below —
    streets echoing chants


  2. Linda

    No matter how many times
    I remove soil from the pile
    and have to disrupt their trail
    the ants re-establish it.
    A lesson to be learned –
    Never give up!

    1. SM Jenkin

      Nice one Linda, this could have been about despair. But it’s really about fortitude, what a nicely turned phrase and different perspective. Good work!

    1. SM Jenkin

      Wow, Nicole. This is heartfelt, and simple. And haven’t we all had those moments….. to be answered by that absorption in the creative process. Excellent work!

  3. Daphne Radenhurst

    I would like to see through a glass clearly,
    Not through the prism of a lens
    Distorted by emotions, received opinions,
    Likes and dislikes, prejudices.
    Then I would see You as you are.

  4. Satya Robyn Post author

    curled up just outside the office in her usual favourite spot, I can hear her deep metronomic purrs from here

  5. Susan Sleepwriter

    Corellas with grubby faces
    snap and crack above me
    I think of toddlers
    hands and faces smeared in joy.

  6. oakhart

    Coming back to myself.

    I feel!

    I see!

    I hear!

    I live!

    As if for the very first time.

    My stricken legs and feet

    Once frozen solid with grief,

    Growl and howl,

    And rage.

  7. Patricia

    We sit at the breakfast table and share strawberry curd. A bit for him, a bit for me. We eat in silence, smile at one another and enjoy the simple fact that we’re together.
    We both love curd with fruit taste, my cat and I.

  8. Paul L. White

    And so each hour goes slowly by,
    As I do welcome ease.
    Though through the day I ‘ccomplish much,
    No need to “guilt” appease.
    I’m simply forced to “slow it down,”
    As Weather strikes my door.
    With furrowed brow I concentrate
    To keep from wanting More.
    And I declare, to all of you,
    If cold or storms persist:
    Please join Repose, forsake Reproach,
    And Happiness enlist!

  9. JulesPaige

    a renga;
    little noses …leak –
    drip, catches the tissue – there
    did I catch your cold?
    germs, not weather spread disease
    that is what science tells us

    1. Nicole

      🙂 🙂
      that’s what they say on television ! 🙂
      Wash little hands very often…
      desinfect door handles + light switches and separate tooth brushes !
      At it’s worst, each of the 7 people in my house had their own toothpaste !

  10. A.D. Stankowicz

    People heading home after work,
    Bundled and moving quickly
    Against the cold.
    Billie Holliday sings
    “Body and Soul”
    On the coffeehouse system.
    And the world shimmers
    With nuance.

  11. Jean S

    Eyeglasses pull down my forehead.
    Eyes press together.

    Pain shoots out the temples
    To clenched jaw.

    Muscles wrestle the inside out
    Strangling thought tangles.

  12. Andrea

    Men and women in black and white
    hug cellos between their knees,
    draw resolute tones from rope-thick strings.

  13. Angela

    when the sun shines, the yellow spring flowers take me back to the Wiltshire fields of my youth where bright yellow cowslips danced in stark contrast to the different greens of the fields

    1. Malek Montag

      Is that procrastination?? Yes, another feeling of life we’ve all been through. Succinctly put together! 🙂

  14. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 30, 2014

    ..Of my heart I will make a tower
    and stand on its very edge,
    where nothing else exists— Rilke, New Poems, A Year with Rilke

    Even now, I shelter where
    I’m safe, where fear has always
    held me far from the unknown.

    My knees weaken at the edge
    of real or imagined precipice,
    ‘til I pull back and turn away.

    Every decade missed chances
    never returning. Only the wonder,
    Is this the last time to take the forward step?


  15. Hajra

    I was washing potatoes today
    One by one I scrubbed away the dirt
    Then I did a double take…
    For in my hand I held one that was heart-shaped
    Truly, the wonders of God never cease to amaze me…. 🙂

  16. Dave Conley

    Rising 3 hours before daylight
    A familiar sound of birdsong
    Wonder what awaits us both this day

  17. Malek Montag

    Puddles litter the floor. Incessant rain drips. Wind ripples water on the platform edge. There’s a flat overlooking a once busy side of the station. Or does the station overlook this address? I study its windows while I wait. The blinds are drawn. The owners are lucky. I walk onto the next platform, for the London line. Other people stand about, their silence binding them together. They read newspapers like frightened children hiding behind sofas. Some stare into the dark distance. Builders and blue collar workers linger while prim office boys and girls avoid their dusty fellow travellers, lest their uniforms get dirty. The creatures of habit place their feet exactly. A train arrives. Doors stop before them. The train opens to the commuters so they can shuffle aboard, desperate for a seat. But there are few to be had. It is 6.20 in the morning after all.

  18. Pookie

    St Kilda looked so close
    thrusting up out of the ocean.
    Perception and reality of distance
    with the shifting weather
    the passage of time
    the invention of helicopters
    the advances in technology.
    If what is possible now
    was available then…

  19. Kathy Nguyen

    how do you follow
    the song
    of your life’s purpose?
    on my bathroom floor
    I break apart a line
    of soldier ants

  20. Sharon Black

    Half a pichet of red and I’m sailing through dinner,
    cutting through your small talk
    like a newly painted catamaran, glinting
    in the seafood bar’s mood lighting, heading out to sea –
    only you’re still at the jetty
    and don’t want to be with me.

  21. Helen Lewis

    I was wearing this jacket
    when my husband told me,
    ‘We can’t be together any more’.
    It’s black
    but down the lapels and around the cuffs
    pastel rose buds are blooming.

  22. Pamela Niles

    Pure luxury
    stretching out
    aching feet
    bare against flannel sheets
    blankets plentiful
    (we’ll need them tonight)
    an ocean lullaby
    to sooth the ears
    and mind, a book,
    spouse and dog
    next to me
    sweet dreams to come
    this good night.

  23. larry p

    Limping along on newly bad pins,
    I suddenly feel like an anchor
    has been tossed out behind me,
    stopping me in my tracks.
    My little brown friend
    has dug in her heels;
    she is glaring at me,
    dragging me back.
    I relent and we retrace
    the last five feet of our journey.
    This rock is the most interesting thing
    we have passed today,
    she indicates to me,
    as she assiduously
    sniffs every nook and cranny.
    Perhaps she’s right.

  24. sue

    Deep in the night, down the street
    dogs bark frantically, a great crescendo
    at the affront of two cats calmly strolling
    beneath the street lamp.

    January 30, 2014

  25. Nina

    Sure many wrote about weather today….

    The snow fell.
    Tiny sprinkles.
    E minus effort,
    it started as rain,
    fell as tiny tokens of snow
    and then, later – rain again.

  26. S.E.Ingraham

    January 30, 2014


    It’s supposed to be huge; bigger than the Super Bowl
    that’s all over the news, all over the TV, everywhere
    you turn actually. All one can hear about is this biggest
    moon ever that’s supposed to wax full and rise tonight.
    The sky is as clear as a newborn’s skin and I’ve been
    waiting impatiently to see it, but there must be some
    mistake. The stars are brilliant but there’s no moon
    tonight…no Luna at all.

  27. S.E.Ingraham

    January 31, 2014


    There’s something holy about being in a room in the
    Anglican church on a Saturday expressly to study poetry…it feels
    sacred on so many levels, makes the words taste sweeter somehow.

  28. SM Jenkin

    My mother has walked in
    from her garden;
    the arms of the tulips on her
    cardigan writhe like
    black flames against a
    pink sunset. Her eyes water,
    but there is no more smoke,
    no soot; her hands are clean.

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