Day 6: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Fingers by Jonathan Cohennight pub
deaf men fingerspelling

Ramesh Anand


We’re on the sixth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Fingers by Jonathan Cohen

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106 thoughts on “Day 6: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Satya Robyn Post author

    after a fortnight, this familiar view from my desk. the eucalyptus thrashes in the wind. the track waits for trains.

    (sorry this post has appeared late today – my mistake in the scheduling! keep writing – am much enjoying reading all your small stones.)

  2. Mark Sargeant

    After the storm, the sky is the colour of marmalade.
    The sun has split open, staining the clouds.
    Flying foxes awake from their slumber and their graceful black shapes begin to punctuate the thick evening light.

  3. Mel Morris-Jones

    The car tears through the roadside puddle oblivious to the beauty of the sun glinting off the ripples in its wake.
    The daisies nestling in the roadside grass get an impromptu shower.

  4. Kym W

    On a long branch of the jacaranda tree, a lone crow caws then cocks its head to the side, beak open, listening for the distance reply that soon comes.

  5. Susan Sleepwriter

    Pigeons rise faltering
    under bellies of bread
    among jets, against blue
    sudden elegance.

  6. JulesPaige

    a tanka:
    a winter heat wave
    rain melts the blanket of snow
    old bones somewhat thaw
    yet bitter emotions grasp,
    squeeze the heart; as tears run wild

  7. Margaret Abraham

    Day 6 Gratitude
    Sitting at my desk I pick up the pen and draw a line
    then another.
    I draw a curve, it meets the line
    it creates a shape.
    I draw more lines and curves
    a shape appears as if it has been waiting
    to see the light.
    Lines, shapes, dots, words merging
    together to become…………..

    1. Jean S

      Years of clothes hanging echoes many whips and snaps in my memory chambers. As a child I used to watch the chaioscurro on the grass as I played beneath the thrashing clothes. It was as if another kingdom was founded and I searched the blades of grass for little people…

      Thank you.

  8. Sherilee

    Grateful on this far-too-early morning, for the breath of the one who lays beside me; the grace from the One who made me; the joy of being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend; and the work that is before me as a human on this planet. And coffee. Grateful always for the coffee!

  9. Cilla Sparks

    I am grateful for my embodied life this day,
    In a body which still functions well
    In spite of wear and tear of age.
    Wrinkles, age spots, greying hair,
    Aching joints, temperamental gut.
    Thank you, friend, for years of service
    Including times of pain.
    Help me to hear your messages to me
    With attention and gratitude
    While our journey together continues.

  10. Elizabeth

    confused geese pass invisible overhead.
    puffed air swallows the hilltop in a bank of
    steam. my pores open in this transient
    warm air mass.

  11. Amy

    Comforting – water boiling in a pot. Almost like tropical frogs croaking. Rhythmic and lulling. Suggesting something warm to be imbibed soon, bringing heat as it travels down into me.

  12. Pam Niles

    With gratitude, my kneeling meditation bench:
    You have supported my inward travel since I began and you, like I, are no worse for the wear, but rather, in truth, improved through the timelessness of our journey to here and now.

  13. Lizzie Carver

    The wind, having placed a firm and helpful hand to my back on the way down the slope, threw gusty, sharp unkindnesses into my face as I climbed back towards home.

  14. Tanja Cilia

    Rheumatoid arthritis does not dampen her spirit. She hums as she knits the booties, each painful stitch a testimony to her love for her granddaughter.

  15. Nicole

    peeking out of the wet grass
    chirping and seeking some food
    So busy around ther nest
    up in the bare tree
    We are the 6th of January…
    Weather madness !

  16. claire barton

    Day 6. ~ Gratitude. ~
    “Innocence is always there.
    Away from staring eyes, pointing fingers, jeering words;
    A way to your Self
    sits within
    your Heart.”

  17. John S Oliver

    Welcomed Warm Air

    During the winter it takes time for the engine to warm up enough to provide heat to the heater.

    Then after a short while, that feels much longer, there arrives the welcomed warm air.

  18. Karen Schorno

    Temperature is -9 F.
    Flock of bluebirds arrive for water.
    Sudden appearance of hawk sends all flying…

  19. Virginia Curtis- Threadgill

    Extreme example of light/shadow, Yin/Yang , the opposite forces of the Universe. Life/death. Upon learning with sorrow of someone’s passing, then being filled with joy for the release from suffering. Regret and gratitude intertwine to make me human.

  20. Steve

    I missed a day, or have I missed more?
    The sadness and emptiness cries of a failed plan.

    Sometimes my life feels so solid, so in the moment,
    my awareness so keen as if my every breath
    pulses with the universe.

    Other days I struggle to catch up, as if clutching the
    fall end of the whip to which I slip eventually. Never able
    to grasp…to keep hold…to get forward…

    Now I see I can’t hold on. So I let go.
    Ah, there it is, awareness!

    1. Jean S

      Yes. Letting go puts you back in the moment. Then you are aware. Thank you for your reflections.

  21. Gary Hewitt

    Dash of red with a bed of white and yellow
    Speeding towards a ravenous maw
    A most splendid hyperborean feast

  22. Jean S

    Polar vortex. No hanging clothes on the line. No little people living in the grass, Just snow cemeteries. From the frosted window swaying branches cannot be heard over the furnace’s plowing dry breathe. Vortex out and in. Breathe.

  23. SM Jenkin

    Even the edges of my thick jumper are wet, a pair of slugs sliding trails of moisture down to my elbows each time I raise the tepid coffee to my lips. A puddle of beige collects in the white saucer, settles to the lowest layer. The cold settles in around my thighs, wet trousers rubbing against wet skin. Outside, the rain has stopped, of course, blue skies veiled by gossamer thin grey froth. Sunlight captured in the tears wept by the building; falling stars illuminated above cultured evergreens.

  24. Patricia

    My heartbeat, first fast and uncomfortable,
    is now slowing down.
    My anxiety, first big and unbearable,
    is now almost gone.
    My relief, first impossible to find,
    is now instantly present
    and so is my happiness.
    Welcome home, Snoezy-cat!

  25. Pookie

    A loop of lightning crackles beneath dense cloud
    instantly a bright purple dome of light fills the night sky
    and is gone

  26. Hajra

    Tonight I saw the moon like never before…
    It was crescent shaped…
    Yet it pointed neither left nor right, but upwards…
    Like a huge smile gleaming in the pitch-black cloudless sky…
    Its color resembling silken Cornish clotted cream…

  27. Kylie Whyte

    Her soft paws caress my knee, body so relaxed it drapes, like a favourite childhood blankie. I smile, finally a sense of home.

  28. Helen Lewis

    Tiger-coated, he prowls outside the window,
    broad paws padding the ground,
    shoulder muscles rippling;
    around his neck
    a heart-shaped tag reads ‘Bubbles’.

  29. Morgan

    Walking up the High Street in a high wind. A man in a green hat with outrageous tufty eyebrows, deliberate as caterpillars, walks past smoking a cigar. I pass the fifteenth century bookshop and smile.

  30. Sharon Black

    the weight
    in my arms of ash
    logs, split
    and stacked
    for the hearth
    your body, gleaming
    and flushed
    from a bath, asking
    if I’m nearly
    ready for bed

  31. Leslie Ann

    Casting about desperately for a subject, looking inside and out, knowing that this is NOT the process, is NOT the method, is NOT the way, when without plan, my nose is alerted…

    and suddenly, I am captured by the aroma, a distinct whiff of wet dog, and then see glistening pawprints on the hardwood, brown eyes beseeching, and hear dog nails ticking along the floor. This is mindfulness, this content being my actual life, and there being no need to seek anywhere but here.

  32. Laurel Regan

    crystalline feathers
    fairy-etched with a brush of ice-tipped bristles
    a chill breath of frost to freeze them in place

  33. Litsa

    Water gushing, splashy, sploshy. Fragrance filling my senses, tension releases. Sinking chin deep in hot soothing bubbles.

  34. Brian Hasson

    So the journey was suppose to start for me today, but if couldn’t go on it, but on the positive side it’s just making me stronger for when the time is right!


  35. christine

    Poplars sway in the wind against the day’s final sheet of blue sky.

    The sun makes orange streaks on the uppermost branches.

    The wind whooshes, a hushed, surging sound, almost lonely.

    Or maybe it’s the sound of cars on the main road, commuters rushing home from work.

    The poplars turn to ash as the sun sets.

  36. Sallie

    Unwanted message, intrusive, abrasive, a petulant *ting-ting*; demands attention like a pair of tiny stamping feet and pulls my lens out of focus and my resolution out of balance.

  37. larry p

    Cars surely won’t see
    my little brown friend and I,
    as she tows me through
    the dense, gray fog.
    We hope my _mature_ ears
    will suffice to warn us
    of oncoming cars,
    will, somehow, keep us safe.
    The slush-puddled streets
    freeze our toes,
    but we return otherwise unharmed.

  38. NanLeah

    “You do realize,” she said, “as of this birthday, you’ve officially been married longer than you were ever single?”
    His brow wrinkled as he did the math. “OH!”
    “Yep! You’ve been married over half your life!”
    He beamed at his bride.

  39. Laura Hoopes

    There’s only about half of the berries left on a branch of shiny, red nandina berries—hungry birds.

  40. Jo Beall

    Wind blows in a day like no other –
    ocean dances wile sun smiles radiantly.
    Brilliant blue flowing into golden glow…

  41. Elizabeth Burns

    Grand dog Phoebe,
    my traveling daughter’s black lab mix,
    dutifully walks me daily.
    Thank you!

  42. kaye

    My horse, sore hind haunch, rests in the sun as I rub small circles into her tight, tense muscle.
    Her eyes half-mast tell me thank you.
    My slowing heartbeat beats, gratefully.

  43. laurie granieri

    Good news, the first good news in months, it seems, good news, and his voice on the telephone is no longer thick with burden, and even the furnace kicked on this morning, even the furnace was kind, saying, “OK, kid, I’ll lob you a free one, here’s a beautiful surprise. Drink your coffee in peace. Stare at the window, sip, and be grateful you’re on this side of the glass.”

  44. Kathy Nguyen

    my two sisters,
    how little you know
    of the world,
    yet you have built
    a tapestry of memories
    as fragrant as wild citrus

  45. julie daigle

    Big wet sighs (snick snick crunch crunch) while clomping around in big wet boots (snick snick crunch crunch) on a soppingwet January thaw day (snick snick crunch crunch)

  46. Trinny

    Snow and record lows.
    Wind chill of 30 to 40 below.
    The cat just puked on the heavy comforter
    and also on the flannel sheets.

  47. bob

    Big and empty and needs to be unpacked.
    Too tired to work, but can’t fall asleep.
    My body near a beach in Barcelona,
    Ny mind still foggy from
    Escape from Coldmageddon.

  48. Linda Saccoccio

    Mortared Grid
    Through the Ted Williams Tunnel
    tube of white rectangular tiles, a graph
    trimmed with emerald green base
    two rows
    red brake lights
    flash up walls
    arch over traffic
    gradual streaming zig-zag
    fluorescent light lines
    like a contemporary
    graphic drawing

  49. Nina

    Standing outside I can usually hear the buzz of the playground

    I hear the birds

    as term doesn’t start until tomorrow.

  50. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 6, 2014

    I’ve watched the light
    fade from behind his eyes
    as each day he moved closer
    to his own eternity.

    If I scan my face in the mirror
    I see my spark still bright
    I will not worry about eternity.
    It will come. But not today.

  51. becca givens

    Temperatures plummet
    North wind blows
    Creeping in through nooks and crannies
    This old house’s bones shelter mine
    Deep robust hot black coffee
    A welcomed inner coating of warmth
    Providing temporary thaw

  52. S.E.Ingraham

    I apologize if I’m double-posting…I’m playing catch-up and cannot seem to find where I left off…

    January 6, 2014


    You, at two, are about to become—not only
    a big brother, but also a middle child. In one
    cataclysmic day, you will no longer be the baby
    of the family, you’ll no longer have your own room,
    nor sleep in a crib. You and your big brother will
    begin sharing a room. Let’s hope we remember
    to make this time as special for you and your big
    brother as possible.

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