Day 9: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Maple syrup by J BelluchSitting with my sister
cinnamon french toast
drizzling maple syrup…
sunny morning
sweet support…

Kerry Wanamaker


We’re on the eighth day of the January Mindful Writing Challenge – please post your small stone in the comments below. If you’re not already signed up, our 31 Days of Waking Up daily email package was designed to accompany you during this (or any) month of mindful writing. Keep writing!

Maple Syrup by Jake Bellucci

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75 thoughts on “Day 9: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Brinda


    feeling the chilled air
    through the still warm nostrils
    I smell the events of the day

    unaware that the tree
    is in a deep sleep
    the dog eagerly
    empties its bladder
    clouds block the setting sun

    Pope’s palace feast —
    beggar’s hands through the window
    on the screen


  2. Satya Robyn Post author

    Roshi asks to come in the room with his high-pitched meow. I am sitting in front of the Buddha. He brings in the delicious smell of earth.

  3. Freya Pickard

    hiss-click of snowflakes hitting my jacket in an otherwise silent world

    © Freya Pickard 2014

  4. Chrissie Robinson Petrie

    A cloud
    morphs through the sky –
    a panther, a gecko,
    a compass arrow pointing north,
    a cloud

  5. Cilla Sparks

    Wonder of winter flowers.
    Brave blossoms,
    Survivors of the storms,
    Blooming quietly unseen,
    Until sky clears, and sun reveals
    A surprise of fragile beauty .

  6. Lizzie Carver

    Deep in my belly, sore, raw, pressing. Muscles in my back tighten, trying to hold the discomfort.

  7. Christine de Jong

    Showers and storms are keeping me inside
    where I curl up wth my book on “Mindwhispering”
    to get me in the right kind of mood for today…..

  8. Nina

    I have been writing my stones everyday and haven’t had access to post them, so forgive me but I am posting catch up stones.


    The sun shines through the pale, unlined curtains,

    greets me with promise after days of rain.

  9. JulesPaige

    a renga:
    answer the call
    old fashioned thinking…
    sea; all is not what it seems
    ripples and wavelengths
    held breath can be released
    when dark depths are expunged

  10. oakhart

    I can see clearly now

    How important it is

    To say Yes to life,

    And to life’s magic.

    Moment by moment

    Out breath follows in breath

    In breath follows out.

    No effort, no struggle

    Just Being


  11. julie daigle

    Cozy three-blanket-furry-kitten and darkened room warm, warm arms and legs and heart. Outside, a corner of the garage flares fiery orange in the snap-crackle-pop icy sunrise new day. It begins.

  12. SM Jenkin

    The white wall has always been there, her face refreshed this July past between showers. The fierce sun throws shadows behind the small plastic brown pots, with squat green soft round leaves. Above the lid of the wall, one brick thick lengthways, two strips of wood carefully nailed in, the strips are almost but not quite linear. The lines of nails facing upwards have rusted, showers of copper dust scattered at their feet like confetti. The bright sun ends halfway in the wall; in the shadow cast by the house, a solitary black lantern swings in the breeze.

  13. bob

    The scenic route to work takes
    ALL OF
    two extra minutes.

    Still can´t believe I´ve moved to the beach.

    Insta-calm, a (long) stone´s throw from my flat.

  14. Nicola

    Just found this and like what I see so here goes …

    Biking to work
    Cheeks sanded by wind
    And frosted by tears
    Is it too early for that black-branched magnolia
    To be pushing its innocent grey velvet shoots
    Towards the ice-blue sky?

    1. Nicola

      As in, I just found this mindful writing challenge and I like the other small stones I see …

  15. Patricia

    My heart bouncing
    my knees shaking
    my head feels light
    it’s difficult to breathe

    I really should play with Snoezy-cat more often.

  16. Jill Salahub

    Vision (a not so small stone)

    Letting go of 2013.
    May I be cleansed of
    old hurt and deep sorrow
    worry and anxiety
    confusion and doubt
    wanting to control the chaos
    to fix everything
    needing to know, to be sure.

    May I clear the way
    of clutter
    of obstacles
    of anything that no longer serves me,
    make a space
    clear some room
    open up.

    May I be safe
    May I be happy
    May I be healthy
    May I be content
    May I love myself completely
    and with great kindness
    just as I am now
    no matter what happens.

    Inviting 2013
    a new vision comes
    welcoming whatever might arise.

    “The secret to abundance
    lies in striking a balance
    between not enough
    and way too much.“
    Intention and intuition.
    Effort balanced with ease.

    What I wished for
    108 times
    while standing in the light
    “May you be happy
    May you be peaceful
    May you be free from suffering.”

    Dancing in the sand at dusk
    the world softly lit
    my feet and eyes on the ground
    my arms stretched out like wings
    I am becoming.
    “Life is a journey
    and every woman
    travels her own road.”

    Give yourself time to be
    stronger, healthier, happier.
    “Indispensable, the knowledge that
    you can always find your way home again.”
    ease & simplicity,
    home sweet home.

    As Ryushin Sensei said,
    “Practice starts precisely where we find ourselves,
    which for many of us is a place of heartbreak,
    suffering, alienation and doubt.
    But it is precisely there,
    within those circumstances,
    that we start.”

    Trust yourself.
    Don’t give up.
    You are adored.
    You are boundless.
    Let go and come back.
    Begin again.
    (with picture

  17. Nicole

    Big expectations for a day full of work and revisions…
    Accept with grace and a smile all the interruptions…
    Well… I try… 😉

  18. Daphne Radenhurst

    The resilience of nature.
    After days of wind and rain,
    The pansies are still blooming,
    Blue, white and yellow,
    Their petals laid back now,
    Displaying their faces
    To the wintry sun.

  19. Karen Schorno

    Reflecting on a memory from yesterday.

    An elderly gentleman walked slowly carrying a small bag of groceries.
    There was a bouquet of fresh flowers peeking out of the bag.
    As he reached the elevator he passed a lady walking with difficulty.
    She asked, “Are the flowers to celebrate a special occasion?”
    He replied, “No”
    She said, “That makes them all the more special.”

  20. Virginia Curtis- Threadgill

    My pony stands still as a statue.On high-alert, quivering, she stands guard over the herd. Not so far removed from the open range, he senses take her over. I follow her Mustang stare into the woods. A herd of deer make their way through their historical paths undeterred by fences . They go their magical way, too far from me to photograph. Still they leave the indelible image of their feral, untouched beauty forever on my heart.

  21. Virginia Curtis- Threadgill

    My pony stands still as a statue.On high-alert, quivering, she stands guard over the herd. Not so far removed from the open range, her senses take her over. I follow her Mustang stare into the woods. A herd of deer make their way through their historical paths undeterred by fences . They go their magical way, too far from me to photograph. Still they leave the indelible image of their feral, untouched beauty forever on my heart.

  22. A.D. Stankowicz

    I’m listening to Thelonious Monk straight,
    no chaser,
    no crepescule,
    no Nelly,
    no Pannoncia,
    no Ruby
    my dear.

    ‘round midnight,
    round twilight,
    dig this epistrophy.

    Well you needn’t feel nutty
    that you never know
    what’s coming next.

    are not
    as they seem:


  23. Sharon Black

    field mouse
    guts spilled
    on our drive
    licking her paws
    as if
    she’s spent
    all day
    at the salon

  24. Lindy Fly

    10:28 a.m. No. Idaho
    Latte, sweet first sip.
    Forbidding icy slush chunks
    sorry legs no walk.

  25. Hajra

    The worst feeling is…
    Missing someone a lot…
    The someone that you cant be with..
    The someone you know does not miss you at all…

  26. Susan Sleepwriter

    The moon sulks behind cloud
    a flying fox draws a circle
    over my dogs and I tumbling
    from the illuminated doorway.

  27. Raymond Maxwell

    “The Poet is a faker who’s so good at his act
    He even fakes the pain of pain he feels in fact.”

    no need for an apology –
    it was I who over-reacted:
    obsessed with non-existent privacy –
    trained with a double fiction:
    never who I am,
    never where I am,
    always hiding the truth –
    even from myself –
    and mixing justifications –
    until I lose the ability
    to distinguish contrived reason
    from complex reality –
    but that phase of life is over:
    and I need to break away.

  28. Litsa

    Crimson streaks glow through grey clouds that are set against a pale blue sky. The sun lingers longer than the day before. I welcome the light, knowing it is growing in strength, gently nudging winter’s arm.

  29. Morgan

    A mostly-deflated red balloon blocks the plughole like the last of my energy at the end of the day. I return to the bedroom and my son is lying arms akimbo on my bed, breathing, with a red pajama T-shirt that says ‘Be careful, I bite!’

  30. Angela

    An innocent looking rabbit. Sitting outside the window. No runner beans or carrots to be eaten. What to do?

  31. Pam Niles

    Winds awry, blowin’
    bird feeders swayin’
    back ‘n forth
    sodden sparrows
    holdin’ on
    in the rain.

  32. Amy

    Langston in my head
    His words – and so I allow the rain to kiss me. Cold for less than a minute, then forming a new layer.
    “I love the “rain”

  33. angie werren

    the road
    is the same smoke white as
    the sky
    a girl in a flamingo hat says
    “I think that bird is dead frozen”

  34. Catriona

    We’re just two little white lights gliding towards eachother,
    I can’t see your face, or even your outline,
    Just your light.
    “Hello” my light says to your light.
    “Hello” your light says to mine.
    I grin into the night and look over my shoulder to see your red light flash disappearing down the road.

  35. sue

    empty hallway,
    two small boys,
    rosy cheeks,
    sparkling eyes,
    huge grins,
    kick their legs
    against the bench,
    heads together
    playing games.

    January 9, 2014

  36. Elizabeth Burns

    The kicked up distant desert dust,
    a veil of diffused light,
    softens the rugged western range.

  37. larry p

    The toddler happily sat in his car seat,
    cars clutched tightly in each hand,
    allowing himself to be strapped in without fuss.
    But, no way he would tolerate the lap blanket
    that his grandmother insisted was necessary
    to protect him from the cold.
    He wailed for a bit, kicked his feet,
    then contrived to toss the blanket aside,
    without releasing his grip on the precious cars.
    Once underway, sans blanket covering,
    contented murmurs filled the car’s interior.

  38. Kathy Nguyen

    Sometimes I feel like there are no small stones to collect. Today, I just let go of the weight I’ve held in my hands, and then tried to scoop all the grey out of the clouds.

  39. Maaike Klaster

    Traffic traffic traffic T R A F F I C traffictraffictraffictraffictraffic
    T R A fF i C TrafficTraFfiC Traffic

  40. Elisabeth

    Sitting – listening to calm music
    But inside me is opposition
    Anxiety about things – ruining the joy
    Take deep breathes – get rid of the storm
    Posted Jan 10 on day 9’s page 🙂

  41. Nerissa

    Sleep chases
    Viscous dreams, blanket heavy
    With teeth bared.
    A torpor, like sweet berry wine.
    I sink.

  42. Kym W

    In between the power cables draping haphazardly, and the long drooping fingers of the palm tree’s leaves, the white fluorescent street light and the shadowy indigo of the Kata hills caressed by soft pink cloud.

  43. Carol A. Stephen

    Jan. 9, 2014

    Seeking a way
    to contain my own thoughts
    so I am not overwhelmed

    to be instead mindful
    less full of worry
    to do things differently

    to take each small step.


  44. beverley

    Over the pavement and across the road bobs a red foil heart with a single ribbon tail and a weight for hopping. Nudged, bumped and pushed by the gusting breeze, its alien form and movement proceeds in uncertain ways from one side of the street to the other. It could be a danger, or an omen of love, or merely a balloon escaped, or lost, or going home.

  45. S.E.Ingraham

    January 9, 2014


    In the road, they appear like cut-outs
    caught, frozen in my headlights, against
    the snow in the dark. Facing each other,
    their noses touching – from a distance,
    I wonder at the odd “W” on the road,
    not recognizing until almost upon them,
    that they are two jack-rabbits, facing
    each other and staying perfectly still.
    I have to slow down to a crawl to avoid
    running them over and at the last moment,
    they both turn as one and stare into my
    lights as if mesmerized. Then, like little
    children, they turn tail and scamper off
    in tandem, hopping as if choreographed
    down the centre of the road, my car
    lighting the way all along the block until
    both finally turn into a lane and vanish.

  46. Mary-Jane Grandinetti

    on the airplane, can’t help overhear
    the salesman’s phone conversation
    “I’m ready to step up to the plate
    and knock one out of the park.”
    … I sigh.

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