A green heart by Matthew Fang

Would you like to feel more engaged with life? Sign up to one of our delicious self-study e-courses.

We’ll show you how you can use mindful writing to clear space for the important stuff – connecting with your friends and family, noticing beauty, and tasting life properly. You’ll slow down and fall in love with your life, in all its richness and glory. We’ll help you write your way home.

“It exceeded my expectations – it opened doors to spiritual practices that are meaningful to me, both in writing and in other ways. It’s helped me to grow. A huge huge thank you.” ~Tammy Hanna

How our courses work
You don’t have to be a writer to take our courses. You just need to be willing to experiment with fresh ways of seeing the world, others and yourself.

Through your writing and through engaging with the materials, changes will seep into your daily life. New questions and new answers will emerge like green shoots. Our courses work at a deeper level, where things sometimes get uncomfortable, because this is where you’ll find the gold.

“Thank you for the work you do and the loving way in which you do it. You’re making a positive difference in the lives of many people.” ~ Robin Turner

What you’ll receive

All our e-courses include 28 daily inspirational emails including poems, quotes and encouragement. This daily presence helps our e-courses to have a deeper effect on you than those without. It also makes them more enjoyable – our participants say they look forward to receiving and reading their email.

You’ll also receive a mindful writing booklet containing:
• four sets of daily practical writing exercises
• four original & inspirational essays on the course themes
• suggested additional reading and resources on the web

“Thank you for a beautiful well thought-out course.” ~Liz Allmark

Where should you start?
Anywhere! All our courses will help you use writing to fall in love with the world, and they are flexible enough to follow you wherever you need to go. Click on the titles to find out more & to register.


Slow down and fall in love with life: give yourself Finding Your Way Home. Mindful writing, reflection and discussion will help you re-connect with the world, others, yourself and spirit.





Learn how to get jobs done and face challenges, and enjoy Japanese poetry and writing with Eastern Therapeutic Writing. Discover the arts of Naikan, Morita journaling, Waka & koan practice.



Writing regularly in a journal can be a comfort, a source of inspiration, a way of waking up and a place to face challenges and untangle tangles. Pick up your notebook and Journal Your Way Home.



Wake up and experience life in full colour: give yourself Writing Ourselves Alive. Through our themes of curiosity, honesty, compassion and passion, you’ll begin to re-connect with the world and all its juiciness.



After a period of difficulty, whether physical or emotional, give yourself the gift of Writing Towards Healing with our themes of kindness, listening, accepting and reconnection.





Explore your relationship with spirituality with Writing and Spiritual Practice. Write your way towards clarity and find new faith through practising clear-seeing, perseverance and praise.


If you’d like to be personally accompanied on these courses, consider booking a 1:1 with Satya or Kaspa.

“Thanks for all your hard work. I did enjoy the class and I was especially grateful for your coaching. I found it to be very supportive.” ~ Daphne Purpus


Green heart by Matthew Fang, raspberries by seriykotic1970, heron image, ‘Wings over Dublin’ by Stephen Heron, candle image by Caffeinehit, berries by harrold.lloyd, pen by MShades, cup ‘lightness’ by brighter than sunshine, bird by John&Fish, all via Creative Commons with gratitude.