Eastern Therapeutic Writing

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“Thank you for a beautiful well thought-out course.” ~Liz Allmark

Would you like to learn how to get jobs done and face challenges? Do you have a niggling question that won’t go away? Want to improve your relationships? Do you love Japanese poetry and writing?

Give yourself Eastern Therapeutic Writing and you’ll discover the arts of Naikan, Morita journaling, Waka and koan practice.

This course will give you an experience of four different styles of therapeutic writing/journaling, each drawn from eastern spiritual and therapeutic traditions.

Naikan: During the first week we will use a reflective practice developed in Japan to look at our relationships with other people.

Morita: During the second week we will keep a Morita journal. Morita encourages us to contemplate the relationship between actions and feelings, and, as Susan Jeffers said, to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Waka/Tanka: The Buddhist monk Saigyo became famous for the poetry he wrote whilst travelling through Japan which was heartfelt and full of feeling. How can we use this form to capture something of our own lives?

Koans: Koan practice has become very formalized in Rinazi Zen, but is essentially about working with questions which are alive for us and have some deep meaning. How can we work with questions in creative ways, that open up new possibilities for being and acting?

etwcrowWhat you will receive:

As a part of this course you’ll receive twenty eight daily inspirational emails to accompany you during the month. These include instructions for your exercises.

You’ll also receive a 35 page Eastern Therapeutic Writing booklet which contains everything else you need, including:

* Advice on how you can finding a daily space for the writing you will do as a part of this course.

* Four weekly essays on the practice of Naikan, Morita, Waka/Tanka writing and Koan practice

* Suggested reading and web resources if you want to explore further.

Participants will keep a journal for the duration of the course, and will write in this each day in response to the guided reflections and prompts. They may also supplement this with free-writing, writing poetry etc.

The course is influenced by the Buddhist tradition as well as other spiritual traditions. It is suitable for participants of all faiths or spiritual beliefs, as well as for those with none.

Is it the right time for you to take this course? Can you find ten minutes a day and an hour once a week? Are you ready to commit to working through this material at your own pace, and allowing it to take you where you need to go? If not, do bookmark it for another time or sign up to our mailing list (on the right hand side). If it does feel right, then welcome…

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