Finding Your Way Home



This Writing Our Way Home e-course is a good place to begin, especially if your life is busy and the days and weeks are whooshing by.

When we pay closer attention, we notice our daughter’s smile as she reads quietly to herself. We discover the brilliant blue flowers hiding under the hedge. We find a nagging sensation in our stomachs, and realise that we miss spending time walking on the hills. We taste life.

Paying attention will help you to reconnect with your dreams and needs, and to understand and love the world around you.

How does it work?

Through a combination of written exercises, reading and journaling, you’ll connect in turn with the world, others, yourself and spirit (however you conceptualise spirit – either the spirit of nature or humanity, or something more ineffable).

You’ll clear a space for reflection and ask yourself questions about how you currently live. And you’ll find many light and joyful moments!

By the end of the month you will feel more at home in the world and with others, and more comfortable inside your own skin.

Ladybird on sage leaf by nutmeg66

What do I get?

As part of the course you’ll receive:

As a part of this course you’ll receive twenty eight daily inspirational emails including quotes, poems and encouragement to accompany you during the month.

You’ll also receive a 74 page Journaling Our Way Home booklet which contains everything else you need, including:

* 73 pages of material including four stories about Joshua and advice to help you pay attention to the world, in relationships, to yourself, and to spirit

* daily writing exercises plus two additional writing exercises each week (e.g. writing a still life, writing a thank you note for a loved one…) with detailed instructions

* extra information sheets, e.g. how to write small stones

Is it the right time for you to take this course? Can you find ten minutes a day and an hour once a week? Are you ready to commit to working through this material at your own pace, and allowing it to take you where you need to go? If not, do bookmark it for another time or sign up to our mailing list (on the right hand side). If it does feel right, then welcome…

Register for Finding Your Way Home (UK): £19.99

Register for Finding Your Way Home (US): $24.99

Raspberries by seriykotic1970, Ladybird on sage leaf by nutmeg66, both via Creative Commons with thanks.