Journaling Our Way Home

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Writing regularly in a journal can be a comfort, a source of inspiration, a way of waking up and a place to face challenges and untangle tangles.

This course will offer you four different journaling techniques and food for thought as you travel through your days, culminating in an opportunity to work on a question you’ve been struggling with (or one that arises during the course).

Whether you’re a journaling pro or a complete beginner, join us as we journal our way home.

How does it work?

During this course, we will offer you four different focuses for your journalling – the shape of your life, objects & places, relationships and journaling from the heart.

You’ll discover new ways of seeing old experiences. You’ll look at the world with fresh eyes and enter new territories.


“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior” ~ Christina Baldwin

What do I get?

As a part of this course you’ll receive twenty eight daily inspirational emails to accompany you during the month.

You’ll also receive a 46 page Journaling Our Way Home booklet (pdf) which contains everything else you need, including:

* An introductory essay on journalling.

* Four weekly themed essays exploring different aspects of journalling.

* Four sets of practical writing exercises including your daily journal practice for the week (including full instructions).

* A list of optional additional resources so you can do your own exploring.

If the time is right, then welcome!

Your emails will begin on Jan 1st, for Journaling January. (Or the day after you book, if it’s after the 1st)

Register for Journaling Our Way Home (UK): £9.99

Register for Journaling Our Way Home (US): $12.49

Pen by MShades, Memories by insomnia PHT, via Creative Commons with thanks.