October – Find Your Way Home

flowersKaspa writes: This can be a busy time of year. I don’t know if it’s because of the academic year beginning in September, or the build up to Christmas and other winter celebrations, or just landing back in work after a more relaxed summer, but I often feel like I have a lot to do.

When my ‘to do’ list feels like its spilling out of my mind and I start to worry it can be tempting to jump onto the computer early in the morning and dive into some kind of work.

There can be a short term gain to this – I do get some work done; but there’s often a cost as well – it leaves me in a flustered, harried space where I’m disconnected from what’s really important.

This is why a renewed commitment to the practices that keep me grounded are especially important at this time of year: meditation, chanting, movement practices and mindful writing.

It’s important to me to make time to sit down with my notebooks. To write ‘bad poetry‘ or a letter to my higher power, or to spend some time using pen and ink to unravel some knot or worry on the page.

If I’m honest I’ve given to the temptation to jump into that harried working place more than I would like recently.

Offering a mindful writing e-course to you in October is also a way to get me back to my own writing practices.

Sign up now for October – Find Your Way Home – and join me for some mindful writing.

It’s at the special offer price of £9.99 GBP or $13.99 USD.

You’ll get a mindful writing booklet with reflections on mindful writing and prompts and exercises. You’ll get 28 daily emails, including a poem a day. You can join our Facebook group and share your writing with other mindful writers.

Sign up today and I’ll send out the materials on Friday so we can all begin at roughly the same time (if you sign up after Friday I’ll send them out straight away).

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