Our qarrtsiluni issue, ‘Worship’

On a non-small-stone-related note (there will be more of these soon!) the issue of online literary magazine Qarrtsiluni that Kaspa & I edited finished yesterday. The magazine was started & is run by Dave Bonta & Beth Adams, left, who do good good work in the world.

“We don’t remember when we first talked about guest editing an issue of qarrtsiluni — we guess it must have been back in the spring of last year. We threw around a whole bunch of ideas before settling on Worship as the theme, and it feels like we have lived closely with it since then.

We do have a sense that everyone is involved in some act of worship, although we don’t always use that word to describe those acts. We were curious to see what people made of the theme…”

You can read/hear Kaspa’s summary and see the whole table of contents if you pop across now.

(We’re still loving reading all your small stones. Keep ’em coming, not long to go now!)

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