Podcast: Divine inspiration

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We hadn’t the foggiest what to talk about this morning. We were fresh out of inspiration. And so we talked about inspiration.

The conversation (and this week we were accompanied by Fatty who contributed by sleeping on my lap) includes walruses, my novel The Letters & how we can find inspiration when it’s deserted us.

If anyone is interested in following up any one of the millions of references Kaspa makes during the podcast, do leave a comment & he’ll get back to you! Here’s Mr John Cleese talking about creativity. And here’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk (which you might not like if you don’t go for any of that divine inspiration stuff). 

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Divine inspiration

  1. Elizabeth- Letters from a Small State

    I liked what Fiona had to say about interfering or getting in one’s own way. She used the word “panicking” … I know what she means.

    The point you make about it taking time and practice to get good at writing is so true. The metaphor of the ballerina was spot on. Thanks again.

  2. Kaspalita

    Hi Jean, glad you licked the video. I saw it on Lisa Baldwin’s site’Zen at play’ a while back.

    Thanks Elizabeth 🙂

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