Podcast: There certainly are wobbles

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Fiona writes: This morning, we spoke about the kinds of things that are difficult to talk about.

The kind of thing that poetry attempts. What are we, as people? Where do our personalities come from? Is there such a thing as a ‘real me’ or a me at all?

We also spoke about the terrible raw risk of being alive as opposed to ossified, and what happens when we push our aliveness up against other people’s aliveness (ouch). Mark Waldron speaks about this in his poem, ‘Well yes, where we interface’, which Kaspa reads at the beginning of our podcast, and which you can also hear Mark reading here. Do buy Mark’s latest collection, The Itchy Sea (Amazon UK/Amazon US) – it really is splendid.

Thank you for listening. Do let us know if we made a teensy bit of sense. I’m not so sure today. (oh, and I started a new radio show for She Writes last night called Breathing Space – I spoke about ‘writing towards joy’ yesterday, and I had an actual caller! Listen here…)


Well yes, where we interface

there certainly are wobbles – the fit not being perfect. 
This strangeness comes from there,
partly from the shock of finding it forced on us, 
and partly from finding it’s not as natural to us
as death is. 
Yes, where we press up upon living
there certainly are jolts, 
so that we might seem to stick for a moment
and then jump lurchingly 
as continental plates do, catastrophically sometimes,
and when you meet someone, in the street perhaps, 
even someone you know, whole large chunks of them
might be torn away by this effect 
and roll to the side of the road
and you’ll be shouting at them somewhere 
in an absolutely murdered voice, and them at you.
Mark Waldron

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: There certainly are wobbles

  1. Bruce

    This is a powerful poem and quite moving. It reminds me of the unrealistic standards we expect from ourselves and others and the devistating effect this can have. We often fsail to see the beauty which is naaturally present. We are victims of a pressured and “throw away society”.

  2. teri

    Fiona’s idea of a defended place says something to me …as does Kaspa’s response -that he does not want to be attached to things. I think many people find safety to have one way of being and cling tight to that safety- defending it. They defend it even as it is harming them and others. What I find interesting is that eventually even those that don’t move fluidly between the exterior skin/shell and the interior soft/flexible- will be forced/moved into the other way of being.

    We can observe and move with intention between holding on and letting go. Between the exterior hardness and interior fluidness. Or we can be continually astounded at life one minute making us into a hard shell and the next throwing us into the stream. Life and we are both hard/brittle and soft/flexible. We are a stream and a jot… We are a maggot and a fly. We live in the moment and out of it. Thanks for another great chat… and a place to let my thoughts run.

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