Podcast: Why are we doing this? (and kitten photos)

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Kaspa writes: This weeks conversation is sparked off by Fiona asking what it is we are offering with these podcasts, and what is good to offer…

We quickly start talking about what makes anything interesting to listen to, content, personality, freshness… Just what it is that draws our attention?

We mention two other podcasts in our talk today. Fiona did a couple of shows for SheWrites (listen online here), a a few months ago we were recorded in conversation for Dave Bonta’s Woodrat podcast.

Sunday evening we collected our two new kittens, Tsuki and Roshi. We’ve created an album of photos on the WOWH Facebook page: our new kittens.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: Why are we doing this? (and kitten photos)

  1. teri

    I feel I am only just beginning to understand the written word. I listen because I hear better than I read. You become real to me. I listen while I am editing my photos for work. I listen because you show me how two people might share their thoughts- and not duck around what they really need to say. xo teri

  2. John S Oliver

    You are right I know you both differently and better due to this audio to go with the text of your writings. and I know you tow as a couple thanks to this recording.

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