An interview with Caro Sweet: Sculptor

Caro lives a stone’s throw from Malvern. We met at our local business breakfast (at the wonderful Blue Ginger Cafe) and I’m looking forward to mooching around her studio sometime soon! We’re delighted to invite her to join our series of interviews with creative people. Welcome, Caro. What drives your creative work?My passion for life. […]

What is mindful writing?

Kaspa writes: The practice of mindfulness has had a surge of popularity in recent years to the extent that in the UK there are some forms of mindfulness therapy available on the National Health Service. But what is mindfulness, what has it got to do with writing, and why does it matter? Mindfulness in the West become popular on the back of […]

An interview with Matthew Licht: Author

Fiona writes: I first came across Matthew Licht’s work when I was struck by the beautiful cover on his new collection from Salt (below). He was kind enough to do a ‘story swap’ and I’m looking forward to settling down with “Justine, Joe & the Zen Garbageman”. We’re happy he’s joining our creativity interview series. […]

An interview with Colleen Leonardi: Writer, Editor, Choreographer

Fiona writes: I found Colleen Leonardi through her lovely blog, and soon discovered that she was multi-talented… choreography, cooking, yoga, writing… a fine candidate for our series of creativity interviews. We’re very privileged to welcome her here today. Welcome, Colleen. What drives your creative work? My love of grace and the imagination, and an endless sense of […]

This is Real Life

Fiona writes: Yesterday, my computer broke. I’m typing this on Kaspa’s computer. He’s just left for work, having spent 5 hours trying to get mine to work and so-far-failing. He has LOTS of things to do. So do I. We’re both behind. This is real life. On Sunday we went to a Chinese dragon dance. We […]

The River: How We Make Big by Elizabeth Howard

This post is part of the River of Stones guest post series, our mindful writing challenge. Properly notice one thing each day, and write it down. Click here to find out more.  Today we’re very happy to host Elizabeth Howard… Elizabeth writes: It is still a coming realization for me that I am my own person.  Even when I was […]