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30 thoughts on “small stone Day Twenty-Eight

  1. Jules

    Five Moon Elfje
    Just Waxing…

    mother’s one
    blind pearl eye
    looked towards me, gifting

    clear, clouds
    become silver lashless
    lids, to one single

    owl, wolf
    angelic observer watches
    keeps us guessing at

    she says;
    almost full moon
    stares at you, be

    lost a
    single pearl bead
    found it in the

    (c) JP/davh

  2. Prittiwi

    The snowman, six foot tall,
    Hatted and scarved
    Has been slowly dwindling
    Until today he is just a stump
    In the sodden grass.

  3. Jade

    I am intensely focusing on arranging candles, figurines, & incense along the window ledge when skinny phoebes dash through the air, and I stop, candle in hand, to witness their winter dance.

  4. John Oliver

    Winter Silhouette

    Dark tree branches are standing out starkly in contrast to the overcast sky.

    These stalwart parts of the plant have endured the harsh weather conditions.
    Notice that the skeleton of the tree that is revealed for all to see.

    Today the branches are naked of green coverings and exposed to the elements.
    These spidery stalks are rarely idolized in fancy photos online.

    Just wait six months and that same bit of space will be thick with foliage.
    Lots of lovey leaves will block that same view of the sky from the patio.

    This is just one of the repeating phases in the cycle of nature.
    Many oriental paintings celebrate the four seasons with equal honor.

    Let us awake to our world as it is and let go of the lust that it were always spring.
    Let us recognize and celebrate the raw conditions of nature as we find them.

    It is good to rejoice at weddings and graduations.
    But between these peak events are broad valleys full ordinary routines.

    Humans pass through stages of child, youth, adult and senior.
    What sells products are sexy looking youth but that is only part of our reality.

    For those who have eyes to see there is a little beauty hidden in plain sight.
    Sometimes photographers and poets can capture the grace in the common life.

    Nature offers a banquet of visual delights.
    But you must stop, look and actually see what is there.

  5. MHF

    From the hills howl the winds
    Raging round the houses
    Tearing through the gardens
    In a high-speed horde.

    Snow gone. Ice gone.
    All is wet and wind.

  6. Robbie Burton

    A stave of telephone wires shakes outside the window
    and bass notes play impromptu in the chimney.

  7. Larry Piper

    A rather frigid spell
    converted the flooded soccer field
    into a rather sturdy skating pond.
    A small tractor, iconic John Deere Green,
    snuffles over the ice surface
    sweeping off a dusting of snow
    and perhaps a few ice chips
    left behind by eager skaters.
    The duck lovers have had to seek shelter elsewhere,
    no doubt waiting prayerfully for a mid-week thaw.

  8. Patsy Goodsir

    I learned today she’s dead,
    a dear old lady
    the system forgot,
    shame on those who failed her,
    what will happen now?
    Nothing much I bet.

  9. johncroxon

    The spray of a winter shower is refreshing, after a day of dust filled, overheated offices,
    the outside world is beautifully quiet no phones, no talking, a silent respite after an exhausting day.

  10. Mlissabeth

    driving through a sea
    of dark fog
    my eyes grope
    for the painted white stripe
    on the edge of the road~
    my life line

  11. Anonymous

    Day 28

    My thoughts meander
    with the swirling grain of the red oak floor I sit on.

    – Maureen Bailey

  12. Renee


    lights convey the
    we need structure and
    someone to tell us
    when to stop and
    when to go
    let go
    be free
    but only after
    you have stopped
    at the signal

    © 2013 Renee Espriu

  13. estrella05azul


    The January sidewalks stayed relatively dry for weeks. Then, as if to make up for it, a whole nightful of snow came down all at once. Looking up, they give the impression of ash falling from the sky, turning into greyish black slush as cars drive through them.

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