Mindful Writing Day – 1st November

chesil beachOur third Mindful Writing Day will be on the 1st of November 2014. Before then is our January Mindful Writing Challenge. Slow down and fall in love with the world through mindful writing – write small stones.

Buzzard’s cry skirls up my spine. ~ F.E.Clark

How? Simply write a small stone on the 1st by paying proper attention to one thing and then writing it down. Know that people all over the world will be doing the same thing. Share your small stone with others or keep it to yourself. Get into the mindful writing habit and write your way home.

Why? Writing small stones will bring you into a closer relationship with what’s around you, helping you to notice the beauty of ordinary things. Relish the delicious smell of woodsmoke, pinpoint the exact blue of the sky, and listen more carefully to the engine of your cat’s purr. Mindful writing will stitch you to the world, one word at a time.

You don’t need any experience of writing to write small stones. You just have to put aside three minutes to be curious – opening your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, fingers and mind – and then write down what you discover. You can read examples of small stones at our blogzine, a handful of stones or at our Facebook page.

The twig of a holly branch plucked days ago, barbed, dark emerald leaves, dried, berries shrunken, scarlet: the base unzipped itself, revealing a strip of white winter bark. ~ Katherine Gotthardt

Where? Post your small stone on our blog here on the day. You can write your small stone in your notebook or send it in an email to your friends. Share it on your blogs or on Facebook or Twitter (using #smallstone) or G+. Write them on your fridge in fridge magnets. Make words from shells on the beach. Write them in the condensation on your window.

A Blackbird SingsOur latest anthology of small stones, A Blackbird Sings, will be free on kindle on the 1st and 2nd of November.

If you can’t wait until then or if you’d like to get your hands on a gorgeous velvety paperback, here’s where you can buy them at Amazon UK & US (or get your kindle now for a few pounds –  US or UK or your own Amazon).

the starling struts by–
a little general
missing his arms
~ Scott Owens

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Image – Chesil Beach by alexbrn: http://bit.ly/19rQJ4B