The secret to happiness (join us next Tuesday)

Fiona writes: You will find the secret to happiness in the heart of my new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing.

If you haven’t read it yet (or if you have), I have an invitation for you to indulge in some partaking-of-happiness next Tuesday.

So far more than two hundred people across the world have signed up to share their Most Beautiful Thing on their blogs, Facebook page or twitter.

You might want to choose the plum crumble your grandmother makes with love, or write an ode to the sky for holding the sun and the rain and for being beautiful in its neverending blue. You might want to speak up for honesty, or describe that beach holiday you went on when you were little, when everything was golden.

I want to hear about your most beautiful thing. Will you tell us what it is?

On Tuesday next week, after writing your post, you will be able to skip from blog to blog and read about people’s most beautiful thing – see their photos, hear their stories, admire their art work, feel what they feel. Think about it. Can’t you feel that warm glowing sensation already blossoming, right in the centre of you? Has it reached your mouth yet? Is it turning up at the edges?

In the meantime, you can get some happiness practice in with as many beautiful things as you can muster. Follow the #TheMostBeautifulThing hashtag on Twitter, and scatter your own into the stream like rose-petals. Share them on Facebook. Tell your friends about your most beautiful thing. Notice them all around you, like our mindful writing tool, small stones. Every small stone, if properly observed, is a mostbeautifulthing (even the ugly ones).

PS This photo was one of our mostbeautifulthings on holiday on the Isle of Wight recently. You can spot me in red & blue if you look carefully enough, meditating on the beauty. When I look again at that cove, I can feel the cool sea-breeze on my cheeks and smell the sweet seaweed. I can hear the gulls. I can feel the heft of the rock beneath me. I can feel tension draining away into the sea…

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