Think of the wren

Why Regret?

Didn’t you like the way the ants help
the peony globes open by eating the glue off?
Weren’t you cheered to see the ironworkers
sitting on an I-beam dangling from a cable,
in a row, like starlings, eating lunch, maybe
baloney on white with fluorescent mustard?

… Think of the wren
and how little flesh is needed to make a song…

~ Galway Kinnell

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Photo via Creative Commons by Jason Paluck with gratitude.

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3 thoughts on “Think of the wren

  1. Snowbourne

    I love wrens. I love Galway’s poetry. But…wrens can be very vicious to other birds,e.g., bluebirds. They attack and destroy their nests. The wren doesn’t regret it because he’s destroying competitors. Nature isn’t always pretty.

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