This is Real Life

Fiona writes: Yesterday, my computer broke.

I’m typing this on Kaspa’s computer. He’s just left for work, having spent 5 hours trying to get mine to work and so-far-failing. He has LOTS of things to do. So do I. We’re both behind. This is real life.

On Sunday we went to a Chinese dragon dance. We ate Chinese before-hand, which I’d been looking forward to all week. The vegetarian options were odd fake beef, chips & very spicy noodles. I hate spicy food. (The dragons were magnificent.) This is real life.

You might have been taking part in our River of Stones, noticing something every day and writing it down. When we started on January the 1st, 244 posted one of their small stones on our daily post. Yesterday there were 55. Life gets in the way of all our best intentions. This is real life.

Unfortunately, real life is all we have. You might never move into a bigger house. Your computer might never recover. There might never be more time to write that novel or take one of our ecourses. You have to use this house, someone else’s computer, this day.

It doesn’t matter if you said you were going to write small stones and you didn’t. You can write one today. You can learn a little bit more about what gets in the way. You can listen to the wisdom of our guest bloggers. You can share what you’re struggling with and ask for help.

“The future is always beginning now.”
~Mark Strand

That’s NOW.


Tomorrow we’ll have a final round-up post – do come & share your small stone with us tomorrow, even if it’ll be the first you’ve written all month : )

Photo by Jim Nix via Creative Commons, with gratitude.

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4 thoughts on “This is Real Life

  1. Lorelei

    It’s been an eye-opening month for me. Thank you so much for organizing this project. All kinds of weather, all kinds of wonder, all kinds of difficulties every single day.
    Laura Hoopes

  2. Barb

    Hello Fiona, Yes, “real” life intrudes, sometimes waylaying plans. But, I’ve enjoyed observing daily, and thank you & Kaspa for the motivation.

  3. Georgia

    I love writing these stones. I was hesitant, embarrassed, unsure of myself in the beginning. Curiously, while I’ve done a good deal of writing, I don’t (or didn’t) consider myself a writer, much less a poet. Writing a small stone a day–and sometimes two!–is both encouraging me and reducing my fear of sharing both warts and gems in public. This writing also acts as a jump start of my mindful practice, maybe the most beneficial part of all. I’m practicing and willing to let my writing be just that–practice. Thank you for the opportunity, Satya!

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